First of all – the band only comes in large – so if you need a small you just have to deal with the excess length of the large and tuck it under. This band is not made of the same stuff the actual fitbit bands are made of. This band is harder – not quite as flexible i guess – and the edges get dirty quickly. It doesn’t wipe off or come clean well. I haven’t tried an actual cleaner or soap on it – just wiping it off with water and a papertowel so maybe some soap or a dab of clorox spray would actually do the trick and get it clean. The fitbit itself fits nicely inside and the clasps work very well. The white color is awesome when its new and bright but don’t expect it to stay white very long. Overall it is an adequate and affordable replacement band but don’t expect it to perform quite the same as the fitbit brand of bands. Keep this one to wear for special occasions so it will stay nice looking longer.

My original fitbit case started to crack after having it for almost a year. I looked at the factory website and compared their case to this one. I was concerned by the big price difference but was very happy with this replacement. I feel this one is actually better than the one that it came with new.

Great quality, works just as well as the original.

I am pleased to have the white band option and it is easy to keep clean with some soft scrub with bleach. The quality is not as good as the original from fitbit though. The plastic on this band is stiffer and not as pliable and it is also a bit harder to close the clasp. However these details are totally minimized by having more color options.

I was a bit nervous ordering a non-brand wristband, but i’m very satisfied with the result. The band looks great, i love the different texture, and it doesn’t look ‘cheap’ in any way. At close examination you can notice a bit less of a quality finish compared to the original band, but all in all it’s nothing noticeable. And i really prefer the material of this one to the original one. Clasp is also better than the original (looks better and is easier to close). Bottom line, this is a good replacement if you want to try a different color, or just want to save a few dollars.

Great item, exactly as described, and i feel it connects easier than the fitbit band.

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The rubber for this one is a bit hard. Which makes it very tough to close it on your wrist.

Exactly as described and what i ordered.

  • LOVE IT!

  • It won’t stay white for long

  • Love it!

WOCASE Replacement Accessory Fitbit Flex Wristband Wrist Band Bracelet (Large/Small) with Clasp for Fitbit Flex Activity and Sleep Tracker (One Band+ One Clasp)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes 1 large accessory wristband and 1 clasp
  • Personalize your wristband to match your daily style with these brand new color choices
  • Perfect fit for your Fitbit Flex activity tracker and comfortable wearing experience
  • Unique color by WoCase.

I bought the white band and i do realize it will most likely discolor over time, especially if it’s my primary band. Order a spare or two if you want to keep them white – worth the price. Mine is made perfectly, and closes much better than my original fitbit bands. I like the clasp much better, too. It’s shiny stainless steel looking in person. Much better looking than the original clasps, ‘seats’ itself well into the band and isn’t raised above the band level. The lights are a bit fuzzy when tapped and light up with a pink hue. I was hoping it’d be a ‘clear’ light view, but i still like it.

My band came scratched up and had some discoloration. I contacted and they are sending a new one. I have purchase several bands from other companies but could not find white, so was happy to find.

These bands are a lot tougher than the original fitbit band that comes with it. More rigid, similar design, but my wocase didn’t start ripping for about 8 months. And even after it did, it still held firmly on the other sides. It also didn’t come undone as easily as the original band.

Fitbit fits perfectly inside, and the case actually stays about as well as the fitbit official case did. Perfect as a replacement for the lost strap.

I ordered this because i have to have a white wristband for an event i am attending or not wear my fit bit. This is the only white band i can find anywhere. It is made more cheaply than the fit bit brand, the plastic is harder, but not too hard. I also agree that chrome clasp isn’t as nice as the one that comes with the device, but they switch out easily. I had no problem putting the bit in and taking it out and it is comfortable on the wrist. My only complaint is that it is costs more than the fit bit brand, and that is too much for a cheaper non-brand replacement band. If you want a white band this is your option. I would also warn you that this white is not great for every day use, it shows dirt pretty quickly, but if you are dedicated to wearing white for everyday you can clean it up with soft scrub with bleach. Pretty good product overall.

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Not that many options for fitbit flex bands on the market. My stock black one got scuffed up. Definitely worth the try for under $20. Similar to stock band large fit. The bad:after 1 week, the white is starting to fade away. It just gets dirty too easy.

. Had to buy a new one b/c it broke off normal wear and tear.

The plastic is cheap and the case is cheezy. Don’t buy it unless you want something that is sub par. Update review 2/8/2014the company offered a full refund and told me that they are getting some of better quality and will ship when received.

The flexibility of the material is not as good as the fitbit flex standard black band. It is not as soft of a plastic and makes it difficult to actually get it on initially. Otherwise i like the neutral color selections.

The small that came with my fitbit fits perfectly. It won’t fit comfortably around my wrist. Other than being smaller, the band is fine. The company was very quick to respond to this review. Refunded my money within a few days. I would order from them again.

I can’t speak to durability since i have only had the case for a day. I went through 2 fitbit brand bands in 6 months, however, so i dont know how much i should be expecting. As for the band itself: the plastic isn’t “cheap” it’s a different type of plastic. The band feels a touch harder than the fitbit brand bands and the plastic is less textured. The band, itself, looks great however. I definitely wouldn’t say that it ‘looks cheap. ‘in regards to the fake chrome clasp on the band – that looks cheap. I replaced it immediately with the fitbit brand clasp. All in all, i really like this band and i think it looks great in white. I would have bought a fitbit brand one in white (since wocase is charging the same price as fitbit), however, there isnt one.

Allows me the ability to match them with the rest of my wears. Definetly would recommend the purchase to my friends.

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The fitbit motion tracker fits nicely inside and causes no problems and the band itself does not come loose easily. So why not 5 stars?the band itself is a little stiffer than the oem band. I found it catching and rolling on some surfaces, especially skin. That is the only reason for not rating it higher and after experiencing this there are a few times when i just take the band off to avoid the catches and drags.

Even though it’s not by fitbit it is a great substitute. The only thing i noticed was the material was a little stiff (to insert the monitor) at first but after wearing for a few days it has become more pliable (easier to remove and reinsert the monitor). Love the variety of colors and i got a great price. I will buy more in the future and i do recommend this product by wocase.

I like having lots of colors for my fitbit but was a little disappointed in these. They work fine but now and then they pop off for no apparent reason. Just be aware that it is possible they come off.

I love, love, love this band. It allows me to customize with my wardrobe. It fit perfectly and came with it’s one clasp.

I’ve gotten more questions about my fitbit flex since buying this band than in the six months i wore it with the slate band that came with it. This was very comfortable and fit well. As you’d expect, the white band discolors easily with indigo from jeans or other dark clothing dyes. I also found the water that gets into the band was very obvious around the display after a shower so started taking the band off. I’ve since picked up other colors less likely to have these issues, but i’ll keep this one around for occasional use.

I’ve only had this for just over a day, but so far i’m very pleased. I like the sturdiness of it, the material seems smooth to me, and the clasp seems fine too. We will see how it holds up, but i’m good with it for now. I’m going to upload some photos too, so that other people looking will have more information when making their decision.

I misunderstood this advert. I thought i was buying 6 of them for the price and got only one. It is only after delivery that i read carefully and realised that you are actually ordering for one item. It came in white to make matters worse, so be careful when you buy this stuff.

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