After several tries, i am very glad to finally have found a safe and sturdy band for my misfit shine. I have lost or nearly lost misfits several times due to the insecure manufacturer band, as have my friends — and a lot of amazon reviewers. :s the wocase encases the misfit in hard plastic that it simply cannot pop out of. The hour hands on the side are a nice addition, for time telling as well as getting it on the right way up. The aesthetics of the design are not very attractive, but it’s safe and it works. Perhaps the manufacturers can make a version that’s a bit prettier, next time?.

This is a much better band than the one that came with the misfit flash. This has a back so you can push the front of your misfit as much as you want and it won’t loosen up and fall out of the back of the band. The clasp was a little different to figure out but once it’s on, it’s on. Well worth the price to protect your misfit flash.

Not all that visually pleasing but works. It’s not a regular watch band though but the way it folds back on its self makes it much sturdier then the original band.

I have typically been bad about writing reviews, but this item has actually made me realize the importance of putting my opinion out there. I just received this last night, but i just have to say that anyone with a misfit is missing out if they do not purchase one of these bands. It is so low profile and holds the misfit tightly in place. Just for some context, i bought the misfit primarily to monitor my sleep, so it was important for me to have something that was comfortable and didn’t bother me while i slept. Thanks for creating such an awesome product to make up for misfits obvious design mishap with their terrible band.

I just got this watch band a few days ago and so far i love it. It is comfortable and i can easily sleep in it. It holds my misfit flash so much better than the orgional band. Its a little bit bulkier than the orgional band, but not more than a traditional watch would be.

I feel like the misfit is way more secure in this wristband than the stock one. Only grip is the strange way to clasp it. It took some time getting used to it, but it does it’s job.

Why didn’t misfit produce a band like this for the flash to begin with?. Simple, sturdy, decent-looking. It fits my tiny wrist and has two tighter notches to spare. I would strongly recommend anyone considering a flash to get this right along with it. — update 7/31/2016 –i have been using this band daily since purchase in january 2016, and it is holding up fine. My son also uses one and his has been equally sturdy. Neither has had any problems with the back popping off, the sensor falling out, or any other problem to do with the band.

Way better than the strap that the flash brings from factory. Very easy to get your flash in and lock it in. It is a little smaller than i thought, i have larger wrists than most, but for really big guys it probably won’t fit. I wear it on the last eyelet.

This band actually does what a band should. It keeps my misfit in the band and on my wrist. I guess i’m just an aggressive presser, because whenever i’d press the misfit in the original band i’d pop it out. This band has plastic housing for the misfit. The band is a little hard to fasten, but it is very secure (my previous tracker fell off my arm when i was out shopping, never to be seen again). As a bonus, it’s easy to clean. I got some paint on mine and it washed right off (latex). My only complaint is that the plastic housing for the misfit can sometimes collect moisture and stick to my arm, but i don’t see how that could be avoided and still have a secure band.

Prior to this order, i have only ordered black or grey bands. The colored bands seem to get dirty really quickly. I’ve not been able to remove it with a toothbrush and soap or with a magic eraser. While they’re technically clean, since i use soap and all, they look filthy. I noticed it after about a week of wearing the first colored band. I wish i could get more black or grey ones. Those are definitely 5-stars.

The misfit didn’t seem to fit well in the original band it came with; i felt that my arm/wrist was holding the misfit in place from the inside of the band. So i purchased (through amazon) a different all-silicon band in which i pushed in the misfit from the top; however the misfit would pop out. (even lost it for awhile, but fortunately found by a coworker). This wocase is soooooo much better.You snap the back off, place the misfit in from the inside of the band, pop the backing on. No worrying about the device popping out from the top or the bottom. I bought the 3-pack; so far, the band itself is holding up pretty well.

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. Unless you sacrifice the silicone wristband that it came with the shine 1, by cutting the wristband off of the ring to make a gasket. Once you do that, it fits snugly. I have ordered a 19 mm nylon wristband to replace the turquoise band that came with my wocase. But other than that, it loads from the back, snaps together firmly, and virtually guarantees you won’t lose your shine.

Based on the reviews of the flash, we knew we had to order different wristbands than the ones that came with it. Unfortunately we ordered a different brand than these at first. Then after having the flash pop out and the wristband come undone, which caused my wife to lose hers (fortunately it dropped off in the car and was later found), we ordered these. These are definitely the best wristbands for the flash. The hard case securely holds the flash and the band end tucks underneath to keep it from accidentally coming undone. If you don’t want to be constantly worried about losing your flash, these are the wristbands to buy.

As anybody who has a misfit flash knows, the wristband included with the device is really, really awful. At best, your misfit will pop out of it every time you press down on it, and at worst the band will rip and shoot your misfit out onto the sidewalk. I really recommend replacing it as soon as humanly possible, and this band is a good choice for that. It certainly doesn’t look fancy (though it fits right in with the misfit’s toy-like aesthetic) but it feels nice and solid, and it holds the device in so well that you feel like you’re wearing a very cheap smart watch (even more so if you get the black one). It even has little time markings.

I absolutely love this misfit. The wristband itself is comfortable and easy to wear, adjustable, and its light. I also love that you have the option to not wear the band, and you can clip the misfit on your hip or shoe. I love how it tracks my steps, my sleep, and calories.My boyfriend has one also and has no complaints. We like how on the app we can add each other and see our progress, a little competition never hurt anyone. 😉 i definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for something to count your steps**i received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and 100% unbiased review.

After using another wrist band which lost my tracker i ordered this one. The misfit loads from the rear of the band. I have not even thought about losing the tracker. The band is a little small on my wrist, and i have a small wrist for a man. I wish they offered one about an inch longer, but it works for now. All in all, i am happy with the band.

I’m very happy with the grey wocase that i bought for my misfit flash. While i never had a problem with the band that came with the flash, i never felt that it was secure either. This band takes the worry away. The original band made the flash look feminine, while the wocase makes it look cooler. I wanted to be able to still wear the flash while i shower, which this does. The flash installs from the back of the band and then a cap snaps in place over it. I don’t know the width of the band, but i would think that the band could be replaced and made to look like the $50 ekocycle band.

I have a way back, 1st generation misfit shine that for years, i struggled to find a reasonable cost bracelet for. When i recently received an apple watch, i thought the misfit would die in some drawer, but my daughter wanted it instead. The problem was finding something that would keep it secure. What is great is that it does truly fit either the flash or shine, due to a spacer/o-ring that is included that keeps the shine locked in place. As some acknowledge, the back (portion against the wrist) can be dislodged if the misft or bracelet get hit hard enough, but if its up against the wrist, it, nor the misfit seem to fall out. The size would fit most adult wrists of an average size, but is a little large for my pre-teen daughter. Overall, really happy with this, considering the small investment that it took, adding some life to my old misfit.

Nice band/strap looks like it will hold the misfit flash securely, i just don’t know how long the band will hold up only time will tell.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A REAL wristband for the Misfit Flash
  • Good, not perfect
  • Exactly what I was looking for

I ordered this at the same time as my flash due to all the poor band reviews on the flash itself. So far (about a month) i am glad i did especially after feeling how rigid the factory band is. It is clear why the factory breaks easily which this band has taken care of. The flash mounts through the back so it won’t just slip out the band is pliable. While i haven’t tried it just yet, it looks like the holder could accept a standard watch band. The ‘issue’ i have is that of the shorter band. Others with large hands/wrists it may be too short. I can’t remember the exact review but they had the measurements/diameter about right. I am on the last mount hole and it fits fine but the loose end barely tucks back into the slot on the opposing band. Not really and issue just would fee better have more adjustability and length to tuck in for security.

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This band is much better than the one that comes with the misfit flash. After losing my 2nd flash due to the poor clip it comes with, i decided i needed a secure wrist strap. I like that it securely loads from the back and the back cover snaps into place. If you are going to use it as a watch as well, there are roman numerals marking 3, 6, 9, and 12, you just have to be extra diligent when putting it it to make sure the dots on the misfit line up correctly. The only thing i find odd about this band is that unlike many watches, which have sizing holes along the entire length of one band, this band is limited to 7 holes in the center with about 1. This wasn’t a problem for me when i was wearing it on my wrist, but it was too small when i decided it would be more accurate on my ankle. I took a drill to it though and was able to make a new hole near the end of the strap, and now it fits perfectly on my ankle.

Nice quality and good price. This is better quality than the misfit bands itself, i bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and she loved it. It is thicker at the face frame and comfortable to wear. It even fits my wrist and i’m much larger than she is. I bought this many moths ago and she still wears it and it’s still 100% in tact.

These worked great with my misfit bit before i lost it. These watch bands actually enclosed the misfit unlike the original band did. I believe had i been wearing this band with my misfit the day i lost it, i would still have it. I loved the color variety with these watch bands.

Don’t know why misfit hasn’t copied this design for their standard bands. Addresses all the issues of the sport band that ships with the flash: the band is hinged, so it doesn’t put stress on the center of the plastic part that holds the flash. It has a back, and the flash doesn’t pop loose when pressing the face. And there are 12, 3, 6, and 9 marks in roman numerals, so orienting the flash in the case correctly is easy. It looks like a sports watch, yes. But the flash already looks like a sports watch. If that’s a problem, this might not be the best device for you anyhow. Very pleased with this purchase.

This is a good wristband if your wrist is a female wrist. It holds the misfit securely. If you have a mans wrist you will need to poke extra holes in the band. Our misfits don’t keep accurate data. We’ve never used the misfit without this band so i don’t know if that is an error because of the misfit or because of the band.

My wife lost her previous misfit flash when it fell out of the misfit provided band. We got one of these for the replacement flash, and we have gladly recycled the previous wristband for this aftermarket one. The enclosure to secure the flash in the band closes in the back, and as a result is a much more secure method for holding the device. Even if somehow the misfit gets flipped, or the band breaks, which it shows no sign of doing, the misfit will be able to remain in the enclosure, and not escape into the weeds.

Like other reviewers, the wristband is great if you have a small to medium wrist. I personally have a small wrist (~5. 5inches) and the band fits me just perfectly at the smallest notch. It might be a bit loose if your wrists are smaller than mine (5. I slid it across my forearm at the largest notch and it seems to have a max size of 7. I originally bought this so i can wear my misfit on my ankle, but it’s a little too small. It won’t even reach the last notch 🙁 would’ve been nice if they had listed the max and min sizes.

This is a vast improvement over the misfit wristband for flash devices. The back of the band pops off, the flash is inserted and the back is replaced. A ridge around the front of the device means you do not risk losing your tracker. Misfit should consider changing all their wristbands to incorporate this feature.

I’ve purchased several replacement bands from different manufacturers, all of which were far superior to the one my flash came with. However, after a bit of wear and stretching, i had to be cautious with all of them as the flash would pop out. Eventually, i lost my first flash and the wristband it was in and had to purchase another. I was going to resign myself to simply using the flash with the clip until i came across this wocase base. The price was certainly worth giving it a try and it does not disappoint. There’s really no way the flash can pop out of the frame as it’s enclosed from the back. The strap closure is genius. The ‘tail’ of the band tucks back through the loop and under so there is no way to snag the clasp and pop it open. It’s also very comfortable to wear.

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First the good: it’s a much more robust band than the standard one from misfit. It’s more like a standard sport watch band with the flexible plastic bands pinned to a hard plastic bezel. The bezel is much thicker than the standard band and should hold up much longer. It was also much easier to get the sensor button into the bezel than with the standard band. Now the not so good: the sensor doesn’t snap into the bezel or get held by friction, like with the standard band. You load the sensor from the back (like with the standard band) but the sensor is loose in the bezel. It’s held in by a separate hard plastic back cover that clicks into place. The sensor will not turn once everything is loaded correctly, but the back cover is the only thing holding the sensor in place. At some point in the first couple of weeks, my back cover came off while i was wearing my flash and i almost unknowingly lost my sensor when i went to push the face to see my status. Now, it wouldn’t have been a total disaster, given that i could replace everything fairly cheaply, but it did give me some concern going forward. Luckily, i was able to find the back cover at home and get everything put back together securely. I’m not sure if i didn’t have the back cover clicked on correctly or if it just came loose because of the design, but it should have been designed more securely either way. The other issue is that this is not going to work for large wrists. My wrists are not the biggest and i have the band on the last notch.

I received this today and i like it a lot more than the misfit’s original band and another band that i purchased from amazon. I have had my misfit for almost a year and i absolutely love it. It tracks everything really well and it was a good price too. Unfortunately their original band lasted only 2 weeks until it snapped. I have been trying to find a really good secure band that wouldn’t break or will cause my misfit to pop out and get lost. Finally i found it, its really sturdy it did come in a different color than the photo but that’s not really an issue. It is also a little bulky for my wrists too. Other than that it’s perfect.

I’ve bought 2 of these things now. A pink one for me & a white one for my mom. I’ve had them for about 6-7 months now and they’re still holding up great. My pink one is a little dark & dingy from dirt & constant wear but it still looks nice.

I really like these over most of the stile of misfit ‘watch’ staps. First off, the metal nub that holds the band together sticks out (as in away from your skin) instead of in (as in stabbing yourself with the metal nub every time you bang it against something). As if that is not enough of a reason to like this it comes in fun colors, and sizes large enough to fit people who are not 100 pound runners (i am over 300 pounds and it fits my wrist just fine). The wristband staps are pretty durable, and hold the misfit in place very securely. I wear mine for everything i do (hiking, rock climbing, swimming.

The wocase is a pretty nice item – misfit could take a hint from the design of this wristband. I did find it to be a bit stiff and bulky compared to the original misfit band, but i feel sure that it’s not going to break like the other band did. I never had a problem with the flash popping out, but the band broke repeatedly and this one is much sturdier, so likely won’t break. Unfortunately, i haven’t worn it much because my flash battery died and i haven’t replaced it yet. Also, the seller was very good; i received the item when they said i would and it was well packed.

This is my fourth wristband since getting my misfit shine a year and a half ago. I will never buy another brand. The one that came with it shredded and the shine frequently popped out. The two pack i bought to replace it broke and never stayed latched. This band securely holds the shine in place so it never pops out, and it hides the end of the band under the rest of it so it doesn’t catch on things and come unlatched. I will never buy another type of band again.

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