I went with the zip because i didn’t want to make my g-shock watch totally obsolete. With the zip i can put it in my pocket and still wear my watch. However, this product adds a great option for using my zip as a watch/wrist tracker. It fits great, easy to put in and take out, and most importantly, is very accurate. There are some concerns about this creating improper step counts, but for me it has worked flawlessly. I have compared it to my trackings with the zip in my pocket, and with some trackings of my dad’s pedometer. While using this band, the step count and mileage count have been consistently accurate. My only complaint is that it is not purely white. It’s hardly a complaint; the ivory light-cream color looks good. It’s just that i would have liked a pure white one better. Or a black one would be cool too.

I love that i am able to wear my fit bit zip on my wrist. I love the way these secure. There is no dangling piece that needs secured. It tucks nicely between the band and your wrist. It is a soft flexible plastic and non-irritating to my skin (no matter how sweaty i get). My package arrived on time and in perfect condition.

Just a nice, simple, durable wristband for your zip. It is a strong rubber and will stand up to just about anything. I like being able to easily read the information off the zip screen at any time and not having to double over and try looking at my zip when it’s strapped to my waist. The zip fits very snug into the band so i’m not worried about it coming out of the band at all. The only downside, and the only reason i did not give 5 stars, is that it does not latch as securely as i’d like. There are two nubbed prongs that fit into slits on the other side which allows you to latch the band around the wrist. They hold pretty well, but twice so far when really digging in my pocket for something, it has come unlatched. So, it is a tad worrisome that it will come unlatched without me noticing and get lost. Luckily, fitbit is an awesome company and will likely replace your lost device if you are nice. Bottom line, this is a great product for the price.

I don’t really have any complaints. I purchased this product because i slightly damaged my fitbit zip by placing it on my bra. I fixed it but thought i’d like it better on my wrist. I hated it at first because i don’t wear watches but i’m now used to it. I haven’t noticed any extra steps being added like other comments said. I like having it on my wrist so i can see my progress and see my little smiley faces. I got the tiffany blue color and get compliments frequently. Fits my wrist perfectly and is completely adjustable. Holds my fitbit perfectly and hasn’t fallen out. I do wish the part that holds my fitbit was encased at the back and not open.

I received this yesterday , 5 days earlier than expected. And so far am very happy with it. The band is sturdy and lightweight. My fitbit zip fit in snuggly. The band fasteneds with a small metal-like button that is pushed through one of the holding holes. It seems to stay tight so far. The rest of the band fits perfectly through and behind the band so it doesnt snag on clothing. Actually at first i found that tuck away method a little confusing, but after wearing it a day, was grateful it kept out of the way. My wrists are extremely small by anyone standards and truly thought i would have to create another holding for the ‘button’ but tomy surprise it fit. All in all i am very happy with it.

My other small clip holder for the fitbit broke so i replaced it with the wristband and it has been great. It does fit nicely with the adjustable wrist band and has a little band that keeps it secure. However be careful to keep and eye on that little band because it can quickly fall off when removing the wrist band. I have misplaced it twice but did find it on the floor. It would be nice if an extra one was shipped along with the band.

  • So far so good
  • Consistently Accurate.
  • I do recommend, HOWEVER

I received it today and have been wearing it all day. I typically don’t like things on my wrists, but i didn’t seem to notice it too much. It was pretty easy to put my zip in, just slip it in from the bottom. It was kind of hard to put the band on. But when i figure out that you just put the metal piece in the hole you want and then put the rest of the strap in the loop afterwards, it’s much easier than having the strap in the loop and putting the metal piece in the right hole. I had the band pretty loose at first, but i realized that while doing laundry and not moving anything except my arms, it was counting. But once i had it tighter, but not too tight it only counted my steps. I was considering upgrading from my zip to the charge so that i could have it on my wrist and have the time, but the $115 price made me reconsider. I wasn’t happy with my zip in the clip because i didn’t feel like it was getting all my steps. So when i saw these zip wrist holders, i thought i need to give these a try.

My wife started out with a fitbit zip. After a few years of service, she wanted something she could put on her wrist, so i got her the fitbit flex (she didn’t need the lcd display that the charge offers. Plus, you can’t get snazzy colorful bands for the charge series either). So when she got the flex, the zip lay in a drawer, unneeded, unloved. I adopted it, but i wasn’t a fan of the clip. After a search on amazon, i came across the wocase, and it gave the zip new life for me. I enjoy having it on my wrist, and being able to quickly glance at my progress, versus unclipping it from my pocket to check.

Overall, i loved the zipband fitbit zip concept, easy to use, great price and fun style. However, the tiffany blue zipband became discolored over a short period of time, appearing faded, almost “dirty” looking. Unfortunately, the one size fits all, was also an issue for me as the zipband strap was extremely long. Plus the rubber face that holds the fitbit was a bit too large and clunky. Although the band wasn’t perfect, i was disappointed to return it, as it served it’s daily purpose and the price was right.

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Just received this wristband. Not terribly difficult to get my zip inserted or to put on. I wanted to post photos to give a sense of scale for buyers – it’s similar in size to a unisex or men’s watch, certainly bigger than most women’s watches. Everything feels secure with the band in place. I did receive a black band with my black wrist strap, i know others have commented they received strange colors. The strap fits comfortably and doesn’t slide around.

This is a plastic/rubber type of material wristband that my fitbit zip fits into nice and tightly. I chose the white color so that it would go with all of my clothes. The metal ‘peg’ that fastens the wristband is easy to use and keeps the band on nicely. I like having the option of being able to look down at my wrist to see how many steps i’ve taken, or what time it is, ect. If i don’t want to wear the wristband with some of my outfits that are maybe more ‘dressy’ then i just pop it out and put it into a pocket or put in back into the original clip it came with and clip it onto a pocket or even my bra strap where it can be sight unseen.

Features of WoCase ZipBand Fitbit Zip Accessory Wristband Bracelet Collection (2016 Lastest Version, Secured, Lost Proof) for Fitbit Zip Activity and Sleep Tracker (Turn Your Fitbit Zip into Wearable FLEX/FORCE/CHARGE, Gift Ready Retail Package)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • First wristband (patent pending) for Fitbit Zip activity tracker that turns your Zip into wearable Fitbit FLEX/FORCE/CHARGE.
  • Turn you Fitbit Zip into a watch.
  • Personalize your wristband to match your daily style with these brand new color choices.
  • Perfect fit for your Fitbit One activity tracker and comfortable wearing experience.30 day money-back guarantee.
  • Please note that the step count sensitivity of the tracker might be altered when worn on wrist depending on tightness. However, the trend of your daily activity will NOT be affected.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Well, the fitbit doesn’t fall out and that’s the important part. I got this because the little toggle/clip that came with the fitbit doesn’t work worth beans. My husband and i both had them – and found our fitbits on the floor of our house, in his office, and once, even in the snow outside. So this works to keep the fitbit snugly in place. However, the band is a bit clunky, and the fastening is weird. It’s not a normal, watch-style clasp. Its a ‘design-y’ ‘cool’ clasp that comes open all the time. Both the metal and rubber pieces that keep it together have come out (the first time within 20 min of putting it on), which creates a choking hazard for my toddler. Which was half the reason i didn’t want the fitbit falling out of it’s clip. Which is why i bought this thing in the first place.

I was give a fitbit zip from work and loved the idea of being able to track my steps daily. Eventually i figured out that i had to always have a place to attach my zip the love of my fitbit started to diminish. I saw everyone else wearing their trackers as watches and i wished i was able to do that and not have to clip my fitbit on my belt (or bra if i was wearing a dress). I found these zip wristbands and was immediately sold. It gives me the ability to wear my zip like everyone else and it is so much more convenient. I have noticed that the tracker seems to work the same as it does when i wear it on my pants or bra so i don’t believe wearing it on my wrist is skewing any of the data. I will be ordering more colors to coordinate with outfits soon.

I purchased another style with a buckle instead of this one that has the button closer. The buckle closure didn’t track hardly any of my steps. This one, however, tracks all of my steps. It’s very comfortable and easy to take off and on, yet i have never had a problem with it coming open on its own. I even use this band when grooming dogs and it has held up really well, other than quite a bit of discoloring, but that certainly is because i am wearing it with my hands in water and dirty dogs so it’s to be expected. I couldn’t be more happy with it.

. But i have two small issues with it. It is very hard for me to put on. The watch part is easy to put zip into & i can wrap it around my wrist, but the extra rubber wrap that helps to insure that the watch doesn’t fall off takes me almost 2 minutes to wiggle & slide into place. On one hand i’m pretty sure my band won’t fall off. On the other it’s a pain in the butt. Especially if i’m in a hurry. I ordered black, so that the band wouldn’t stand out as much and scream ‘i’m wearing a fitbit’.

I could not be happier with this purchase. I was able to turn my fitbit zip into a wrist step tracker for $7 shipped. So much cheaper to buy the zip and get this wrist band and it comes a bunch of cute colors. Very easy to put on, durable, washable and comfortable. I cannot always clip the zip on my clothing so this had made it a lot easier to wear my track during the day. I’m very pleased and everyone is asking me where i got it.

These fitbit zip bands are great. I love that i have options on how i want to wear my fitbit zip. I don’t always have a pocket to put it in or a belt loop to attach it to and i don’t like putting it on the band of my pants so these have totally worked out for me and my husband. I purchased the fitbit zip because i didn’t want to have to wear something on my wrist all the time and didn’t need to track everything the other fitbit’s do. However, i did want an option to wear it when needed and this has worked out perfectly. It is super easy to put it in the band as well as take it out but it is definitely a nice snug fit so there is no fear of it popping out and losing it. I love the multipack as it allows me to color coordinate my band to my outfits. My husband and i both use these and he loves it just as much as i do.

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First wristband (patent pending) for Fitbit Zip activity tracker that turns your Zip into wearable Fitbit FLEX/FORCE/CHARGE.

I was very excited about this product because i love my zip but it wasn’t particle to always finding a place to clip in on myself during the day or at night when i was trying to track my sleeping patterns. I liked the idea of this case, however, it was difficult to get the zip in and out of the case and it was very childish looking. I liked the idea of the band being waterproof, however, the zip was not, so while that was good planning, it didn’t really work. I enjoyed that it came in may colors.

Purchased for my wife since she was having trouble managing the standard clip that the fitbit zip uses. It fit the fitbit perfectly and looked great. After a few weeks of daily wear she commented on how light and non-distracting the band was. The only downside is that the fitbit zip is not made to be in the wrist, so the measurements (steps, distance etc) do get offset a bit due to wrist movements being perceived as steps (your step count will go up due to this). If you need accurate step counts then upgrade to fitbit made to be worn on the wrist or keep using the the clip.

I like the band, it is more comfortable than my pivotal living band, by far. It is easy to put on, but after reading other reviews i think i may have received a newer model. There’s no extra clip to keep it closed. The problem is inconsistency vs the regular zip clip, worn on the hip. Even with my zip on a sneaker while biking the number of steps is predictable, if not accurate. With the zipband it is always counting when you move your hands in any way. Or, not counting at all when riding a bike because there is no movment. If you can live with these issues i think you might like this product. Of course, if you are in a step competition with friends then you will likely win by a lot.

I am going to jump right in and say, if you have a fitbit zip, this wrist band is awesome. It is made from a lightweight plastic-like rubber material. When i first took it out, i was slightly disappointed because it was a bit more ridged than i anticipated. Once i inserted the zip, which is quite a snug fit (which is good, i know it’s secure) my previous thoughts went out the window. It fits great and is very comfortable. The best part is the updated clasp design (see my second photo). Being an engineer, i would say it is simplistic, but genius. There is no hassle of the typical sliding watch band loop to fiddle with to hold the excess band in place. Also, don’t have any reservations about the fact that there is only a single ‘pin’ holding it in place.

I purchased the navy band and am very pleased with it. I walk a lot, and sweat has not affected the color or size of the band. My fitbit fit inside the space easily. The navy looks neat and it does not detract from my professional appearance. I recently changed the battery and it slipped right back into the band as easily as the first time. I am considering ordering some different colors to change occasionally, but i would still wear the navy as well. I would purchase this product again.

This zipband is the way the zip was meant to be worn. I think my zip is in the washing machine’. Or flat out ‘where in the blazes did i leave my zip???’. It is so much easier to keep up with. My band is bright (yellow) easy to see. It has kind of replaced my watch. I have a beautiful ceramic invicta sport watch.

Turn you Fitbit Zip into a watch.

Purchased a zip, & i work a desk so i am also a fan of having a watch to see my progress & current time. Found the pack of 4 to be perfect; i coordinate with my dress for the day, & the latch is secure, so secure that i am pretty sure that the only way i am going to lose the thing off my wrist is if it is cut off or if i take it off & leave it somewhere. Great product, came on time, & well worth the extra expense for the 4. I went ahead, & purchased a 5th one separate, for my girlfriend to go with her zip that i got for her christmas present. #nosnitching #snitchesgetstichescheers~.

I bought this particular band after i got sick of the difficulty in clasping the other one i had. The single post on this one is much easier that the double on the other one and i have yet to have it come loos in anyway. This one is also easier to get the fitbit in and out of and seems of a better quality overall. My only con is that it may be a little big for some. It fits me with only one notch to make is smaller, someone with skinny/bony wrists may find it too large. I thought there would be an extra safely band from reading comments mentioning one but there is not one in the description or pictures nor did i get one so if you are expecting one that is not the case.

I’ve had these a while and really just started using them because my new fitbit took forever getting here. These bands are attractive and easy to use once you figure out where it snaps and the end hides underneath. It took me a little bit of time to figure that out. If i have a negative it is that the band doesn’t have enough holes to make it small enough for a woman’s wrist–acts just like a too-large watch band. I ordered these because i always kept my old fitbit zip in my pocket. One day i pulled it out of my pocket with my car keys and didn’t even realize i’d dropped it and it was gone forever. On my wrist i’m hoping for better control of where it is.

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First off i just want to mention how speedy fast my delivery was from ky to wi, ordered saturday received sunday. My first fitbit i ever owned was the zip. I was forever forgetting to put it in my pocket or remembering half way through the day. After 6 months i broke down & got a fitbit charge. Within 6 months i had 2 replacements for my charge as the bands on the charge separated from watch which the bands can’t be replaced. I was hunting on amazon for a watch band or something to work with my zip. Read the reviews on the wocase & decided to give it a try. The zip was easily put into the band. I decided to do my normal 6 mile hike with both my zip & charge on same wrist. My zip was off only maybe 15 steps fewer than the charge, but it was higher on my wrist than the charge.

The wrist band has been great for my wife so far. She used to use the clip, and her wear of it was sporadic. Plus – the clip lost it’s tip and it became really hard to use. The silicone was ripping as well. She would also lose it for days at a time. The wrist band has been a great change – she is now encouraged to wear it every day. To top it off, she loves the color (matches the zip well). The band is lightweight, soft, and pleasant to touch. If i ever get a zip, i will likely come back for this band.

When my fitbit case broke, i was not happy about the high cost of replacing it. I gave this watchband a try instead, and i have been very happy with it. It isn’t harder to put on than a regular watch. It has two small parts to connect the bands, and i think they could be easily lost, but so far i haven’t.I have had it for a couple months, and the case has held the fitbit securely. Wearing the fitbit on my wrist, i do lose out on steps when holding a shopping cart or a stroller. And, i am less likely to launder my fitbitupdate: the material started coming apart in layers after a couple more months. I have since given up the fitbit completely.

I am loving my little wristband so much that i’m going to order some more in different colors. I’m a bit confused as there are reviews on here for the fitbit itself–am i wrong?. Anyway, i love the bracelet, and i love wearing my zip on my wrist.

Personalize your wristband to match your daily style with these brand new color choices.

It was a great change for him from the difficult to use clip for the zip. But when he got hot and sweaty and his forearms would swell, he’d have to readjust it. Fine, okay, everything takes a learning curve, no problem. And the clasp for it fell in. Neither of us was going to dive in after it. (it was way too small to be seen with what else he had in there, anyway.

I think the hardest part of this purchase was deciding which color to get. I was leery it would be loose bit it has a firm silicone casing for my fitbit. The steps seem pretty accurate so far too. I’m just glad the fitbit won’t end up in the laundry againupdating my review – it lasted as long as a silicone watch band that was being used daily could last. For this price, i definitely got my monies worth. It was time to buy a new one (fall 2016) and they actually improved the style – open back so you can access battery replacement without having to take the fitbit out of the watch (this caused wear & stretching on the old band) and the clasp has been improved so it will last longer without it coming unhooked. I’m impressed once again – and still for the same unbeatable price.

I read the questions and answers saying that this would fit a 9-year-old. I am a grown, overweight woman with medium-sized wrists, and this wristband is too big for me. I have been using the fitbit in this band for about a month, and for the first time in my life because it is offered as a free benefit by my employer. It came with a clip, but i wasn’t sure where to clip it so it wouldn’t fall off. So i bought this nice, cheap band. It would seem that better contact with my wrist would provide better fitbit accuracy. I walked several blocks further to work one day than i normally do after missing a bus, yet i did not see a corresponding difference in my tracking results. However, i think this might be because i was wearing my fitbit on the hand that was holding my purse stationary on my shoulder. It was the other hand, without the fitbit, that was swinging. It seems that motion is how the fitbit knows you are walking.

I started using the fitbit when it first came out — in only one style. I did not like the whole docking station thing for re-charging, etc. When i finally got an iphone and the zip came out. I knew i wanted the zip because of the watch battery it takes. The only problem i’ve had with the zip is that the small clip-on case is very rough to take on and off and not great for the collar or neckline of a shirt (which is where i always wear mine). I also had my old watch [that i wear when working in the yard or around the house die on me. I now have the perfect solution – my zip fitbit in a wristband as my new watch. ]

Perfect fit for your Fitbit One activity tracker and comfortable wearing experience.30 day money-back guarantee.

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