I could not be happier with these. This is the first time in a year of having my fit bit it is secure on my wrist. This is they style of band that should have come with the original. I love the watch band style clasp for the extra security. My old bands were always a risk. Thank you for selling these. I will be ordering more different colors for myself and some for my daughter as a gift.

Was worried about how these would hold up after seeing the reviews, but hey, i have prime with free returns, what have i got to lose?these are stylish and go with everything. I get compliments on them every time. I’ve had them for about two months and absolutely no problems. Did anyone notice that the black flowery band actually says “barbie” on it and has barbie’s silhouette?. It’s really barely noticeable.

Just got the bands today, they arrived on time with no issues. I’m a little disappointed in the color, though. The dark brown is actually more of a maroon or burgundy color. I still like the maroon, but i was really looking for a dark brown. The golden color is more brown than golden, so i guess it evens out in the end. I tried them on and they seem to fit fine and secure. Haven’t worn them for a long period of time yet so i can’t say much about the quality yet.

Its looks as presented and the band material did not feel cheap. However it lasted a week after a gym session the clear plastic piece popped out of the band and i had to return it. The return was easy and i may purchase another one as i did like the appearance and it may have been an anomaly.

The band is good, quality material – sturdy & holds well, i haven’t had any issues with the fitbit slipping out of the band. The only downside, so far, is that the design does rub off of the band fairly easily- but worth the price you pay for 3 bands.

I love these replacement flex bands with clasps because it allows me to have variety with my fitbit and i don’t have to worry about the band coming off of my wrist. The price was better than what i have seen in most brick and mortar stores.

This is a very pretty band, and i get lots of compliments on it. Because the design is printed on rubber, it does tend to wear off over time, but well worth the price.

Based on the low cost, i was worried about quality. They look and perform like they’re official fitbit gear. No fading or breaking after 4 mos.

I will never buy a fitbit flex regular band again. I lost two fitbit flex because they fell off my wrist, not noticing. This watch style helps it stay on securely and they look nice too. Also i love that this is adjustable, for if i wear this too close to skin i get a rash from my old braceletdon’t loose another fitbit flex again. (and fyi: don’t wear them to sleep, your skin needs a break, or you will develop a rash on arm after prolonged use.

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These bracelets are soon much easier to use than the bracelet that comes with fitbit. I had become so frustrated with the original bracelet that i stopped wearing my fitbit altogether. Now i am back to wearing it everyday.

Such a steal and stay on better than the bands my fitbit came with. They look a lot better than the colored ones that got stained easily from the black blazers i wear on a daily basis and i’m always getting compliments on them at work.

I love having the clasps rather then the holes. Much easier to wear and to clasp. Plus i like that they go with anything.

I’m used to the fitbit flex bands that just have the two prongs that poke through the holes on the band, but i liked the flower design on this band so i decided to give it a try. The coloring is absolutely beautiful, and the band serves its purpose, but the actual prong that goes through the hole stabs and rubs on me to the point where my wrist starts to hurt. I wish it was designed differently so it didn’t poke into your skin so much :(. Here are the specifications for the X-ECH Replacement Flex Bands:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Design:The adjustable wristband is designed to fit fitbit flex perfectly, you don’t worry that you will lost you Flex tracker, it will stay on securely and will not be scratched or knocked off. You can change out cute bands with beautiful pattern to matches your outfits at work or at your spare time.
  • Material:It is made of high-quality silicone with metal clasp,durable and comfortable.
  • Installment:This flexible watchband is convenient and easy for you to put your fitbit flex on and off.
  • Size: It fits 7.5″ -9.0″  wrist, a lot of holes is suitable for different wrists.
  • Attention:Package just includes a fitbit flex watch replacement band and it doesn’t fit fitbit flex 2; If any question, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you asap.

The only issue is that the print is starting to wear down to the white silicone base on the underneath side. Then again, i wear it every day, even during sleep – so that is to be expected. I just didn’t expect it so soon.

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These bands are very stiff — not necessarily a problem, but i was expecting them to be a bit more flexible. My 3 star rating is not due to that, however, it is because the design wore off with very light use. (i wore it daily, but i have an ‘office job’ so it’s not like it was getting overused or used roughly. ) after a month or so, the design was very worn and faded. That being said, the band fits great, and i like that they are adjustable.

I love the design of this band. . It doesn’t fall off like the traditional clasp that comes with the fitbit flex. I have a very small wrist and like the fact that this fits a wide range of wrist sizes. I love the pattern on these as they look a little more polished when dressing up a bit. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

This bracelet is functional. It securely holds my fitbit flex in place, shows the ‘display’ clearly, and stays on my wrist. The pattern was as pictured, however the colors were slightly off. It was more like gray swirls versus white on blue. I have owned this band for roughly 6 months, and the pattern is beginning to fade away, but still holds the flex securely and stays on my wrist.

I loved this product when i first received it, but over time the designs have faded. After about a month of wear, all three have faded and basically look all black with a faint print.

This replacement wrist band is exactly what i was looking for. It fits my small wrist perfectly and my fitbit slides right in. It is made from very durable plastic and it is very flexible, making the band very comfortable. My last band kept falling off of my hand so i am pretty satisfied that i was able to get this one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I’m very pleased with it
  • Perfect. Good quality and stylish
  • Love these!! Hope I never loose my fitbit again!!

Good designs, sturdy, i give it 4 because the first one i used broke in about a month, the second is still going and the third is somewhere in my house, i cook for a living and do hiit for exercise so it gets a good beating, the second one seems a bit thicker so where the device is inserted irritates my wrist if i do push ups and sleep with it on other than that i love the fact im not always resnapping it on in the middle of work or sleep.

I no longer have to worry about moving my arm the wrong way and losing the whole fitbit. These look very nice, and stay put with the watch style clasp. They also don’t stick out as a fitbit – look more like a bracelet or watch.

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I bought these for my son when i gave him my fitbit flex. I like that it has the clasp like a watch, it feels more secure. The material is a little more stiff than the fitbit wristband and can make getting the tracker in and out a little more cumbersome. Although this is a small price to pay for durability. The wristband is comfortable and stands up to the wear and tear of a 10 year old boy.

Perfect for my fit bit flex. Much better than the clip on because it never accidentally comes undone. Also, looks a little more sturdy so the plastic shouldn’t rip like my original fit bit flex band did.

I guess i didn’t realize that this fastened with a buckle. It takes me a little longer to take it on and off but i no longer worry about it being lost.

They are more secure than the original fitbit bands with the clasps. I only wish that there were different sizes available. I have small wrists and have to put the band on the last hole so that means i have lots of excess hanging over.

My original fitbit flex band tore in several places so i had to replace it. I decided to go with a clasp style band. This band is not quite as flexible as the original but it is comfortable. I did have little trouble inserting the fitbit fob piece at first, but after 2 or 3 times it was fine. I like that there were 3 different designs (exactly as pictured) and the cost was only $10.

I really only wanted 1 of the designs, but i had to order all three. It has a watch buckle band, and the design on the butterfly/ flower band is very nice.

It solves the problem i had with original fitbit flex band which was difficulty with fastening and coming unsnapped unexpectedly. The buckle is easier to fasten for those of us who have arthritis in hands or finders. It keeps my fitbit firmly on my wrist. I don’t have to worry about the band coming unfastened and losing my fitbit.

Loved the styles, fit well, but broke/unglued from the see through plastic area pretty quickly.

These fit great and i don’t worry about them falling off like the band that comes with a fitbit flex. I am not sure how long the design will stay on, but two weeks in they are holding up well. Also, my old band had starting causing a rash on my arm and the new one is not doing that. I plan on swapping these out every few days, so maybe they will last for a long while.

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