I really like this one i like that it also keeps track of your blood pressure not just your heart rate it is very easy to use it is very easy to read. So far it’s been the best one that i have tried. I have heart problems and i really need to keep track of my blood pressure and everything i can’t wait to show my doctor the results. It’s been very hard to take my blood pressure several times a day and keep track of it until i got this this makes it very simple.

 this is such an amazing watch. I have had the samsung s2 and i love this so much better. The battery life is amazing. I charged it once i first got it and it charged quickly. And since that day it has been charged for a week or so now. It connected quickly with my phone and syncs up with google fit. I can monitor my sleep and i was not able to with my s2.

This tracker comes in a lovely greyish violet wrist band and rose gold face. The wristband is like a watch band. I have lost two fitbits before so i really appreciate the new secure band. It tracks my steps quite accurately, shows my heart beat and the time. As for sleep patterns, it thinks i am awake when i move around a lot but am really asleep. It vibrates when my phone rings but does not show me who is calling. I get random notifications of messages displayed but not all. I would have liked to have the watch face on during the day but it is only visible if you tap it – this is not great when you are in someone’s company and want to discreetly check the time.

 i just got this really impressed last time i wore wristwatch was in the 80s before i got a cell phone only took me a day to get used to wearing it about 10 times cooler than old timey wrist watch main purpose i bought was for my disability broke my back i have limited leg mobility and i just started riding an electric bicycle which believe it or not you can do with a broken back more video to follow.

This tracker is pretty awesome. It doesn’t require a battery, you just charge it via usb. The alarm vibrates you awake which is less jarring than a noise. It is water resistant which means you dont have to take it off to shower like you would with other trackers. I like that it can track my sleep on top of everything else.

Never own once before and i bought this for my husband to encourage him to excited more. The heart rate was accurate compare to my husband counting manually. There are other nice function but i all i want is accurate heart rate reading.

I am satisfied with my purchase because it meets all the requirements. I bought it for my sister as a gift and i know how satisfied she is with the product. It has many functions like heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, call alert and step pedometer. She has been using it for a week or more and it keeps track with her daily steps and calories burned along with check calls while doing work out. She charged it on day 1 though it was charged but as per instruction she charged it and battery work for almost a week so don’t need to spend to much time to recharge. The main unit with sub charging plug can be removed from the bracelet, just plug to the usb port to charge. It doesn’t need a cable at all and super easy to use. Another best deal with this tracker is completely waterproof. The sense i got it i haven’t really even taken it off.I wear it while washing dishes, cleaning, washing my hands.

Key specs for YAMAY Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor Watch Fitness Watch Activity Tracker IP68 Waterproof Pedometer with Step Counter Sleep Monitor 14 Sports Tracking for Women Men Kid (Color Screen):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【 Color Screen & Dual-color Bands & IP68 Waterproof 】- This watch has all the traditional functions as a fitness tracker,at the same time,it adopts the most popular features in 2018:color screen and dual-color bands design,and up to IP68 waterproof standard,making it outstanding in fitness trackers,a good choice to track your health
  • 【 Fitness Tracker with 14 Sports Mode 】- This is a powerful fitness tracker.It can accurately track your daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned and activity time all day automatically.It also support additional 14 sports tracking to help you better monitor your various workout
  • 【 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor 】 – Adopt the latest HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring;This watch will detect your sleep automatically at night and analyze your sleep quality with deep sleep,light sleep and awake time.The silent vibration alarms can wake you up without disturbing others
  • 【 Check Call SMS SNS on Wrist 】- Check and read call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) just on this watch.This functions will be very practical when you are doing workout or work hard and can’t focus on your cellphone
  • 【 Long-lasting Battery & Warranty 】- Built in USB Charge(no cable needed).One full charge gives you 5-7 days of working time.We offer 30 days full refund, 12 months warranty. Any problems, please feel free to contact us. We reply most messages less than 12 hours
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Comments from buyers

“Useful and functional
, Water resistant and lots of functions
, Easy to use and accurate

I don’t like wearing very heavy watches on my wrist. This turned out to be an ideal option for me. This is something which can track my steps that i walked daily, give me my average and realtime heart rate statistics. Has a mode for walk, run and bike. Choose the mode and start your workout. I’m and erratic sleeper so i can also get the average statistics of my sleep cycle with my deep and light sleep times. Till now battery life has been good, battery is at 60% after 2 days of usage. It is portable too, requires no wire for charge, plug and charge usb is available. I’m getting calorie conscious, so i can also get my calorie consumption according to my routine. Apart from that it has a nice camera mode where shaking the watch will take a picture on the phone.

I have used many smart watches and this one is what i really recommend. It is really comfortable and light to wear. The design of usb charge is a very good point to use. You will not need to keep any other adapter compared to normal smart watch while you are traveling. The user interface is also simple and functional. It will satisfy very much for many different living styles such as people working in the daytime or nighttime. It is very worthy giving a try to purchase this smart watch.

I got this fitness tracker for my mom to monitor her fitness activity, heart rate and sleep time. She was not happy about wearing some devises until she started using it. It’s very easy to use and to charge. So far it shows the accurate results for her steps count and heart rate. My mom also likes the calls alert.

The color of watch is nice ( mine is black and gray). I like it can display steps, calories and heart rate. The watch has 3 exercise modes ( but u can add more modes) but i only use walking and running which is ok to me. I do receive call and text from my husband. The notifications from apps( from facebook, line, and others) work well too. Anyway it’s good and has every i need.

I just start to work out 2 weeks ago and i designed to buy cheap fitness tracker to try (because all last times when i start so quick i stop quicker :d)so don’t wanna waist my money for something super expensive. And i receive it one week ago , start using it , and i can tell that this watch make me more motivated fitness tracking, heart rate monitor working great i really like it.

Second time i’m buying it because it’s a gift for my husband. I got one before and my husband kept asking me about and asking to look at it so i showed him and he seemed like he really wanted it. We like the fact that it functions like the fitbit but it’s more affordable. It looks really nice and work with no issues so far.

I like all of the functions that it offers. It has 14 different sports to chose from but unfortunately the two i am most active in are not, softball and bowling but that is not the reason i deducted one star. The clasp on the strap seems to be a lttle flimsy so i’m not sure how long it will last.

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I’ve been wearing this non-stop for over a week now. There are many things to love about this tracker. The color touch screen is awesome and the capacitive touch area on the bottom to scroll through screens is great. It’s water proof but i don’t take into the shower with me but i don’t worry about it either when doing the dishes. The fact that i don’t need any special chargers iis very convenient. The tracker plugs straight into a usb slot on my laptop. I’ve gone 5 days without needing a charge. It’s also good that it integrates with google fit. Few issues i have with it is that it doesn’t track my sleep properly. It never seems to start at the right time.

My tracker arrived yesterday. It came inside a sealed box with instruction manual and assembly/charging directions. It was very simple to get set up. After wearing it all day, i can say that i really missed having a fitness tracker and watch. This tracker has an easy to use the app too.

 my son loves it, so easy to use it. Watch the video u will see how easy to use it.

We bought this for my son who has adhd and has a hard time falling asleep at night. But he loves seeing his step count. It seems to work really well when it is on his wrist correctly. I wish there was a smaller band for it. It has really held up for him and that is saying a lot since he rarely takes it off and keeps it on while playing most sports. If it ever breaks i would for sure buy another one.

It will no longer charge and the programs lasted a couple of weeks. Next time will order a fitbit. The company has issued me a full refund for the product. I was offered a credit or another fitness tracker. They have been most helpful and hope they have no more issues with the tracker.

I purchased this watch to help me keep track of my workouts, steps and most importantly heart rate. Added bonus that it tracks your sleep and let’s you know how much deep, light and awake time you have. The heart rate part can get a little iffy at times but 99% of the time it’s accurate.The band is a soft plastic and is so lightweight and comfortable, most the time i forget it’s onif you are looking for a good quality, but affordable fitness watch this one is perfect for you.

Got this watch for my husband since we all decided we need to be more active. Husband loves the sleep tracker option. Great lightweight and affordable fitness tracker. Battery life on this watch is pretty impressive also. The watch tracks your steps, heart rate monitor, tracks your sleep, allows you to read incoming texts and most importantly is waterproof.

This watch is very good for the price tag. For example, the cardiac function works pretty close to actual parameters. However, it doesn’t have seconds and the date number it’s bit small. I guess the screen should be larger, but overall it’s good watch for the price.

This fitness tracker has lot of useful features and works as described. The heart rate monitor is almost comparable to apple watch. The design is slim and looks stylish. It tracks step count, heart rate, sleep and many more. It syncs well with veryfitpro app and you can see all the details in the app. For the price and features, i feel it is a great purchase.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks. I’ve gone through several other versions of this type of watch and had to return them when they quickly stopped working for one reason or another. Anyway, this one is simple, but seemingly effective. I like that the screen is color and easily read in sunlight. I really don’t use many of the features – the time, the steps, and the text message reading is basically it for me. It would be nice if it included the weather like some do.

I’ve had a couple of these and i believe this one is definitely my favorite. The battery last for a good four days and i love that, because it will track my sleep and i don’t have to charge it. Very accurate, i trust it and the app helps every step of the way. It’s great that its waterproof because i always forget to take it off.

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It is good looking and perfect for everyone. It is lightweight and good quality. Easy to charge and nice interface. I tried couple of watches this watch is nice. Waterproof ,step tracker,heart rate monitor etc. The watch came with manual and easy instructions.

Recently, i wrote an unfavorable review of the yamay fitness tracker, but thanks to their helpful service representative serene, i am rescinding my previous negative comments about this product. With her help, this fitness tracker is working as expected and is easy to download onto my android smartphone. My sincere apologies for any inconveniences that my review may have caused.

This product is amazing i love it. This product helps me to monitor and track my heartbeat and walk step i’m satisfied.

It fits great and seems to work really well. The steps and heart rate seem to be as accurate as other fitness watches i have owned. The tap to change the screen is a little sensitive and took some time getting use to.

Great little fitness for the price. I was going to give to my son, but i have enjoyed trying it. The battery life is phenomenal. Easy to do because it’s all built right in, don’t have to fuss with any extra cords and such. Fits myself and my 9yo son just fine. So size it a good variety, plus i like how the display looks. Another thing i really like is the little alarms for sedentary times (you can personalize it) it reminds you to get up and move.

*update* so, i ordered the tracker for my brother, hoping to get it on saturday, being that my parents were taking it back to europe to him, and i didn’t get it in time, and memorial day weekend, nobody delivered. An hour before we took off, on tuesday, to the airport, fedex delivered it, right on time, i was so happy i was able to send it back home. Watch looks amazing, and it’s manly, bigger, made for man’s wrists. And that’s exactly what i was hoping for.Thank you amazon and fedex for not failing, i was determined to sent it back.

***update: the customer service is excellent with this company. I already received a refund for the item but was offered a free replacement or additional refund. I will post a further update on the replacement product once received. Original review: bought it for my brother for him to monitor his heart rate while excercising. Unfortunately, it was inaccurate so we returned it.

So i bought this as a present for my son and he absolutly loves it. It was shipped promptly and made it to me very fast. He has been wanting one of these for a while and i just didnt want to spend the money on this. So i found a cost efficiant one. This thing is durable and works as intended. If it can last a day with him it is definatly durable.

This watch is helping my 10-year-old daughter to stay active. She is challenging herself to meet goals of how much she walks a day. It is also helps me to track her sleep. It is simple for her to use to see her heart rate and steps during her gymnastics class.

I bought this as a christmas gift for my mother in law. (given early because she wanted it for a trip she took)she was amazed by my fitness tracker, but it does not have a screen and she does not have a smart phone. After looking into a few options, i decided to try this. She can see her steps and heart rate on the screen any time she wants and we sync to my phone from time to time when she wants more information. She is excited to share the app info with her doctor, as she has has some issue with elevated heart rate, and can now track it better. I found the app very easy to use. I already ordered a second one for another gift and am thinking about one for myself.

Im in love with this watch when it does everything like it is supposed to. But i have had a few issues with it freezing up and powering off on its on. When it works it works wonderfully, but my item is new and should not have these sort of problems. I must say i am disappointed in this defect. **** update*** received another one that worked perfectly.

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