I got it for a christmas present for my friend. I had a good experience what another brand, but had to get this one because of the colors. The wrist band is very smooth, looks comfortable. Product is light and has main features included. My friend wanted a pedometer, but it is nice to have additional functions.

Nowadays there are so many smart digital watches available in the market such as fitbit, samsung watch, apple watch. But, i was looking for an affordable option and i found this fitness tracker on amazon. It is capable of doing many jobs such as showing time/date, counting steps, measuring heart rate, calories burned, sleep time, and distance traveled. It also has a vibration alarm built into it to wake you up. Can also be used as a camera capture button through the use of the app. You can even get call alerts, sedentary alerts, and sms alerts on it. The battery life is really good. Have charged only once since i bought it.

Like the design especially the built in usb plug which make it very convenient without the need to bring usb cable along. Feature wise very good also, got heart rate monitor, pedometer, distance, calories, sedentary alert. It got different mode for walking, running, bikefor those who like to selfie or taking photo, it also support remote camera control functionit also allow check and read call/message from lot of apps like whatsapp/facebook etc. , this is very useful to me where it allow me get notified and read whatsapp msg during exercise :)1 bad thing is the band a bit hard to take off and put back during charging. Note: it doesn’t come with charger, the photo just showing how conveninet it is.

My yamay fitness tracker works very well for activity tracking – walking, running, cycling, treadmill, heart rate, and more activities, plus calories, smartphone notifications. Integrates well with my iphone using the recommended app. I previously had a samsung fitness tracker. I liked its looks and function, but it only minimally worked with my iphone. The pretty samsung had fewer activity functions than the yamay, and it cost much more. I have worn my yamay fitness tracker continually for almost 3 weeks. I believe it is well designed. It is a bargain, stuffed with loads of capability, more capabilities than i will ever put to use. Seems to me that it does almost everything that my neighbor’s fitbit tracker does.

For the price and its functionalities it’s a great deal. It records every step i take, and whenever connected to bluetooth, it will share info with my phone (there’s an app you download to check all data). I really like that it tracks my sleep at night and shows deep/light sleep with a close to perfect precision. Besides that, i found cool that you can program to snap a picture just with a flick of a wrist.

Nice packaging if planning to give as a gift since it looks fancy. Been looking for a cheap fitness tracker that has the bike feature since i ride my bike every now and then. Manual instruction is easy to follow. At first i thought there is no instruction for english but glad the small paper has other languages too lol.No problem with using it neither the app for the past weeks. Also, it’s easy to find replacement bands here in amazon for this particular fitness tracker.

  • Amazing quality and great price
  • Comfortable and IT WORKS!
  • Great Money Saver

The fitness tracker watch is great for working out. As someone who constantly walks around for work it’s great to have something that helps me count my steps and checks my heart rate. This watch includes three different modes for walking, running, and bike riding. It also connects well with my phone using a designated app. Not only is it great for fitness and health, it’s also very stylish and comes in three different colors. The colors include black and grey, black and blue, and my personal favorite black and red. Last thing i can say about this watch is it’s designed well with its slim look. While wearing it it doesn’t get in the way of my work out and it’s comfortable to wear.

I have started really taking being healthy serious so my steps are a big deal to me. It works great for me and does a whole lot more than i thought. Not only does it tell time but it also counts my steps,track my sleep, heart rate, alerts me to phone calls and texts and so much more. Nice sleek hook and touch screen. Also holds a charge for a long while.

This smart watch has everything i need. Good color and look nice in shape. Very helpful for my workout and health.

I’ve wanted a affordable fitness tracker for a while now. After browsing and comparing all the options i decided to give the yamay fitness tracker a try. Yesterday it finally arrived and came in a cute little box that i couldn’t wait to open up. Included were the instructions with all the easy steps to set the tracker up the right way. It didn’t take long to charge and it connected to my iphone 6 right away. In no time it was ready for me and my day. Besides, it is very comfortable to wear and it’s easy to take apart and charge. So far it is counting all my steps and seems to be water proof. So washing dishes, swimming and showering isn’t a problem. What i love about the tracker is that it tells me how much i sleep at night and weather it’s a deep or light sleep.

I am enjoying this fitness watch. The iphone app is very good and easy to use. The phone synced right up with the watch very quickly and easily. You can check your messages and calls without looking at the cell phone. This helps me a lot during my day. And for those who practice sports and vice-chores, you have to know how many miles you’ve done a day.

Features of YAMAY Fitness Tracker, Fitness Watch Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker,Color Screen Dual-Color Bands IP68 Waterproof,with Step Counter Sleep Monitor 14 Sports Tracking for Women Men

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【 Color Screen & Dual-color Bands & IP68 Waterproof 】- This fitness watch has all the traditional functions as a fitness tracker,at the same time,it adopts the most popular features in 2018:color screen and dual-color bands design,and up to IP68 waterproof standard,making it outstanding in fitness trackers,a good choice to track your health
  • 【 Fitness Tracker with 14 Sports Mode 】- This is a powerful fitness tracker.It can accurately track your daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned and activity time all day automatically.It also support additional 14 sports tracking to help you better monitor your various workout
  • 【 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor 】 – This activity tracker adopt the latest HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring;This watch will detect your sleep automatically at night and analyze your sleep quality with deep sleep,light sleep and awake time.The silent vibration alarms can wake you up without disturbing others
  • 【 Check Call SMS SNS on Wrist 】- Check and read call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) just on this smart watch.This functions will be very practical when you are doing workout or work hard and can’t focus on your cellphone
  • 【 Long-lasting Battery & Warranty 】- Built in USB Plug (no cable needed).One full charge of this pedometer watch gives you 5-7 days of working time.We offer 30 days full refund, 12 months warranty. Any problems, please feel free to contact us. We reply most messages less than 12 hours

Key Features:

  • Fitness Tracker with Color Screen:Newest HD Color Screen,Dual-color Band,Customized Design
  • Waterproof Fitness Watch:IP68 waterproof standard,you can wear it when swimming or diving (can’t track swimming data)
  • Pedometer Watch:Display steps, calorie, distance, heart rate, pace and time duration
  • Heart Rate Monitor Watch:24 Hour continuous heart rate monitor
  • Sleep Monitor Watch:Automatically monitor and analyze sleep quality
  • 14 Modes Activity Tracker:Support 14 sports modes (3 default exercise modes on the watch)
  • GPS Sport Watch:Connect smart phone’s GPS to show route in the app
  • Smart Watch with Notifications:Receive Call / SMS Notification from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,LinkedIn, Instagram etc..

Additional Features:

✔ Wrist Sensor Switch ✔ Up to 10 alarm clocks ✔ Sedentary Remind ✔ Long Battery Life ✔ Remote Camera Control ✔ Slim and Lightweight Band ✔ USB charge,no cable needed


  • Screen: 0.96″ OLED,color screen Control method:Touch Button
  • Charge Time:2 hours
  • Working Time: 5 – 7 days
  • Wrist Strap Size:5.5 inch to 8.3 inch
  • Require: iOS 7.1 & Android 4.4 above(Smartphone only, not for PC, iPad or Tablet).
  • App Name: VeryFitPro. ( You can download it from Apple Store or Google Play).VeryFitPro app may NOT work with US version Samsung Galaxy J series mobile phones (e.g. Galaxy J3,J7).

Package Include:1 x YAMAY Fitness Tracker;1 x User Manual

NO charger come with the fitness tracker

Fitness tracker yamay

yamay fitness tracker

fitness tracker and heart rate monitor

Yamay Sleep Tracker

Fitness Tracker for Women Men

Automatically and accurately track your all day steps,calories,distance and duration time.Sizes adjustable, Wrist Strap Size:5.5 inch to 8.3 inch

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Accurately track your heart rate all day, help you know heart rate status and make adjustment to your lifestyle and workout

Sleep Monitor

Automatically detect your sleep at night and provide you with deep sleep,light sleep and wake up time. (over 4 hours, 9:00 pm- 8:00 am)

Activity Tracker

Fitness watch yamay

fitness tracker watch

Sports Watch

Records up to 14 exercises like walking, running, and riding,help you track your various of workout.

You can see 3 common sports types on the watch, other 11 sports modes can be added or deleted in the app.

Smart Watch Support Notifications

Connect this tracker with your smartphone,then you can just check call,messages and social app message just on your wrist,never miss any thing important

IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker Watch

IP68 Waterproof standard,allow you go to swimming or diving with this fitness tracker.

Tip: It doesn’t have swimming sport mode.

Yamay fitness watch

fitness tracker watch

USB Charger fitness tracker

Sedentary Reminder

This watch can remind you to relax every once in a while according to your setting to help you keep your body in good state

Vibration Alarm Clocks

You can set up to 10 clocks on this fitness watch,remind you to get up,have a break,take medicine or time to go to sleep,make your life more health and regular

Built-in USB Charging & Long Batter Life

Built-in USB plug enables you to charge without charging cable,very convenient.A full charge can support up to 5-7 days using time.NO charger come with the fitness tracker.


A.Take the watch host off the strap and use the part with the metal chip.

B. Please make sure the red light is on, when you charge the watch.Or turn to the opposite direction and try it again.

fitness tracker fitness tracker fitness tracker fitness tracker fitness tracker
Fitness Tracker Color Screen Fitness Tracker HR Fitness Tracker for Men Fitness Tracker Dual-Color Band Fitness Tracker Dual-Color Band
tep Calories Counter
Sleep Monitor
Heart Rate Monitor
Waterproof Standard IP68 IP67 IP67 IP68 IP68
Color Screen
Sports Modes 14 Modes 14 Modes 7 Modes 14 Modes 14 Modes

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’ve never had a fitness tracker so i wanted to start with something affordable so that i can get used to it. This fitness tracker was perfect for me and it is so convenient that i am just going to stick with it because it does everything i was looking for. I’m not a very active person so i wanted something to motivate me and this has done just that. Being able to track my sleep, steps, cardio and phone had been a lifesaver. It had helped me be more health conscious. The tracker itself is very reliable, sleek, and works great. The charger and battery are very convenient so im able to use it all day without a worry about it dying. Definately got more bang for my buck.

It is really good, especially for those who like to play sports. He fulfills all that he promises. Shows how many about the steps, running, and heartbeat when linked with the better to follow app. The battery is great, i’ve been using it for 1 week and it’s no over yet. About the design my arm is small so it got a little big on me, but it’s very pretty. I liked it a lot and recommend it.

I got this watch yesterday and i just can’t stop using it, i played volleyball with it and i could follow my progress, plus i can see my social media notifications, that is amazingi was a little concerned about this product because i didn’t know if it would help me in what i wanted but yamay does the same things as the other watch brands but for a way lower cost, and also i like the style, it’s nice looking. I’m still figuring stuff out that’s why i’m giving 4 stars but once i figure everything out i’ll update de 5. I highly recommend this beauty.

This is really comfortable, i like how it has the little notch in the band holder that keeps the band in holder. This was really easy to pair with my phone, and when my wife wanted to try it, it was easy to unpair from my phone and pair to her phone after installing the app. The app provides some nice features with getting alarms, calendar alerts, sms messages, facebook, twitter, and a couple other posts. There is a reminder to get moving if sitting still for too long. After a week, the battery is still at about 60%, so nice battery life, and considering how annoying it is to charge, glad it has a long battery life. Nice alternative to some of the more expensive fitness trackers. The two things i really don’t like on this is the charger, it is really strange how you have to pull off the strap to get to the usb male connector, i hope it lasts. The other thing i don’t like is that you can’t customize the watch menus, if you don’t bike, you can’t take that off as an option, or if you don’t care about your heart rate most of the time. That would be nice to be able to customize what screens you see. The heart rate takes a while to get, but i don’t have an expensive watch that does heart rate, so i don’t know if this is normal or not.

Is just like the picture, really really good for the price the heart rate monitor is super spot on and looks awesome.

My first tracker finally was able to get my self one i always wanted one of these now i can keep track of my exercise.

【 Color Screen & Dual-color Bands & IP68 Waterproof 】-

All the functions are very useful. I like to go on hikings, so this fitness tracker is great to show me my steps and my heart rate. It also connects with my iphone, what’s awesome. It’s very light, the color is beautiful and stylish. I don’t use only when i’m doing exercises. The fitness tracker also shows yoir phone calls, what’s great because i always keep my phone in my purse. I highly recommended this fitness tracker, it’s great.

She download the app for her android and sync it with the watch. Then she was on the go, walking and seeing her heart rate. She loves the pink and white band. This is an update to the fitness tracker i have, mine is monochrome and hers is colored. She is having a blast with it and tracking her sleeping also. We think the step counter is off but i need to measure her walk distance, that might help. Happy with choice and product.

I got this watch for myself, really good and easy to use. It records my steps, heart race and how long i’ve been working out. It is small and looks nice with any kind of clothing. I really like this watch and would recommend anyone that is starting a fitness project to buy, since for me, for example, it works as great motivation to daily push myself for more.

I loved my fitness watch, it helps me in physical exercises, counting calories burned, steps taken and still my heartbeat, in addition to being very comfortable and still leaves me connected with my social networks. In order not lose important calls or messages, this watch vibrates on the wrist, alerting you to new notifications. The colors are very pretty, stylish, practical and i can still use it to take a picture, just shaking my arm. Long battery life and takes little time to fully charge, has a practical and colorful interface, easy to use. The app is also simple to use and works perfectly with my iphone. It is still waterproof which makes it much easier when i practice swimming. More than i recommend this product, great price for a complete product.

I bought this watch for my daughter, i have an apple watch and i compared the heart rate function to the fitness tracker and it was identical. There are many functions of this tracker but one of my daughters favorites is the alarm. We can also track her sleep to make sure she is resting enough. I have attached some photos of the app. I would highly recommend this to anyone not looking to spend a ton of money on a fit bit and want a good quality product.

Very stylish looking fitness tracker. It has the functions i was looking for with a few extra. The battery life is twice what i expected, not needing a charge for over a week. It synced immediately with the recommended app and connected via bluetooth with my phone right away. I get notifications of texts and messages so i can see what i need to respond to. I feel that the steps counter is very accurate and it signals when i have reached my daily goal. It resets itself every day so i don’t need to do that. Via the app i can disable the features i don’t want, such as the sedentary time reminder. I can track my daily achievements easily, helping me to reach my goals. For charging, the band comes off and i attach the watch to my usb quick charge for about 30 minutes and it’s fully charged again.

【 Fitness Tracker with 14 Sports Mode 】-

I’ve owned numerous fitbit activity trackers in the past and decided to try something different and more budget friendly. I’m so glad i made the switch to the yamay tracker. It’s so comfortable on the wrist and leaves no redness like my previous trackers did. The screen is nice and bright and even has some color to it that i’ve never seen on any other tracker. I wear it to the gym and don’t have to worry about taking it off in the pool or shower because of the waterproof feature. It tracks a variety of activities including: steps, distance, calories, heart rate and even sleep ( the sleep feature is a nice added bonus). It charges fast and only takes up to 2 hours for a full charge and it seems to last about a week. I would highly recommend this product for all age groups kids to elderly because of the top quality and simple use.

I got this tracker as an upgrade from a previous version which uses the same app. The previous tracker was wonderful, and this one is even better. I like it better than my fitbit which cost four times as much as this watchthe person using this fitness tracker/watch is my 11 year old daughter, who is quite active. One of her favorite activities is swimming, and we’ve been delighted at how well this watch works in water and in recording her workouts. She loves that she can track the results of her workouts right on the watch, and can also see them on her phone, if she wishes to. It tracks her sleep accurately – she has a goal of getting 8 hours of sleep a night – and the app neatly graphs and records her sleep records for every day. She also loves that it has a heart rate monitor so that she can adjust the level of her workouts and see how she is doing over time. Oh, and the silent alarms and text notifications on the watch are wonderful. She uses the alarms not only to wake up, but even in class to remind her when she needs to get something done, since they don’t make any sound to disturb her classmates. The display is easy to read (nice and large) and bright enough to read even in the sun.

Okay how many of you turn the volume off on your phone?. If your like me your at work and the phone goes on silent then you miss important calls. This watch will vibrate your wrist when you have a phone call. It tracks your sleep, your heartbeat, your steps, works in the pool, your running, set alarms, and even cycling. You just pull off the sides and plug it into charger let it charger for about an hour and it last for days. I will be buying more for my daughters who run cross country.

I have purchased several lower priced trackers – i think it is fun and interesting to see the alternatives to the big name, 100+ dollar products. This one is as effective as rates high compared to the other high priced trackers. Some nice features on this tracker : i am getting an accurate step count. I did a compare between my phone, and this. There was a tiny variance between the two, and can easily be accounted for by looking at the times when i am not carrying my phone around. I was able to attach it to my bra for times when i am counting steps, but holding an item that would prevent wrist movement. The strap is comfortable and sturdy. I’m happy with what arrived here. I also love the red/black color. The battery life is only moderate, but the quick charge offsets this for me. Has good standard features: time, steps, activity levels, etc. All in all great, low cost option and i am pleased.

I just got my watched last night and loved everything about it, easy to use, connected to your smartphone you can get your social media notifications on your wrist, track your steps, heart rate, and even check on your sleep pattern at night. It will snooze at night and even takes pictures from your phone with a snap of your wrist. The phone is comfortable, stylish and easy to operate, the only downside is that you can’t see anything under the sun. You can only read the phone in the shade, at home. I wonder if i’m the only one having this problem, as i checked the brightness setting and it’s set up at 5 which is the max brightness possible in this watch, yet i still can’t read it under the sun. Still, i’m keeping it as i don’t check the time as much when i’m outside and need for fitness tracking and media notifications.

After i lost my last sports bracelet, i bought this to replace it. It proved that my choice is correct. After using it for several days now i am very satisfied with it’s perform. Battery perform has been excellent, we’ve taken it four days without charging (it could probably better, as we didn’t got any low battery notifications yet). I like this fitness tracker has its own screen even at low price, so that i do not need to look my cellphone screen to check things out. Moreover, not only it works as a fitness tracker, but also record my heart rate, alerts me for calls, smss, etc. The item is waterproof, even if you swim with it, there is no problem, including when i wash the dishes and wash my hands, so i can better record the number of steps in my day without losing my sports data. I like this fitness tracker, this purchase is a great experience.

I don’t usually do reviews, but i had to write something about this fitness tracker. It’s so good for such an amazing price. I am still amazed by the quality since i got this for such a good price. I have some considerations:1. I think it’s so delicate and totally fits in my style. It does everything it promises. Keeps track of all of the activities that i do, as long as i am using it (of course lol)3. The sleep monitor has been helping me so much. Now i feel that i keep track of my sleeping and i have been waking up feeling more rested. The phone notifications are amazing. I can’t answer from the watch, but every time i get a phone call or a notification, i can see thru the watch, which helps me a lot when i don’t have my phone aroundso, that being said, i need to say i definitely recommend this watch. I am very happy with my purchase.

【 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor 】 –

I have purchased others, but this is my favorite to keep an accurate count of my steps taken for the day. I love that it is compatible with your phone and you dont have to lug your phone around to know when you get a message or a phone call. I also love the alarm clock feature.I hate waking up in the morning, so i can leave it in the bathroom and hear it buzzing and it makes me get out of the bed 😉 the battery lasts forever. I have not had to charge it more than 1 time a week which is awesome. And the fact that i can use different bands to accommodate my wardrobe is wonderful. Definitely but yourself one and maybe a friend if you want to share (i’m sure you will keep it for yourself 😊).

One of my best gift this christmas. I am not one that uses app on a phone, so this watch is perfect, it auto resets each day and stores the data locally on the watch. I do need to setup my goals once by using bluetooth, but after that i just deleted the app. The app itself, is not refine, compared to other sports app i haved used, but the watch fulfill all the functionsi like that it vibrates when my goals are met, for example i setup 10000 steps a day, it vibrates when i reach it within the day. It resets the steps back to zero at midnight. I have taken some photos to provide a closer look. Works perfect as described, and if the price is right, this may be for you. I will update this review if needed to share more experiences and therefore a frame of reference. If you found these extra photos useful, please take a moment to click yes below.

 it looks really nice but too big for my tiny wrist. Got to punch another hole so it can fit. It took me a while to figure out how to use it since this is my first time trying this type of watch. Touch screen is good, accuracy i think. Only use for walking and jogging so not sure about running. Good choice compare to the price.

Love the colors on this fitness watch. The pedometer is very accurate. The screen colors are easily seen. The battery is great , i haven’t had to charge it since putting it on. For the low price this fitness watch is right up there with the really expensive ones. I am so happy with my purchase.

I am enjoying this fitness watch. The iphone app is very good and easy to use. The phone synced right up with the watch very quickly and easily. The watch is very accurate on heart bpm, and step tracking. You can adjust the brightness of the watch.

This fitness tracker appealed to me because of the good reviews and the decent price. My daughter had already destroyed her fitbit so i didn’t want to spend a ton on another one. Turns out that was a great decision as this tracker is pretty good. I had trouble figuring out how to charge it but once i got the straps removed it was pretty obvious. It comes with a great instruction booklet on how to track your heart rate, exercise, etc. Also has tons of modes with more info than my daughter needs but a sportsman would find useful. She says it holds a strong charge and loves the app as well. Overall, a good buy and worth the investment.

【 Check Call SMS SNS on Wrist 】-

I definitely loving this fitness tracker. The design and color is so cool. Its waterproof as well so you can wear it anytime or anywhere. The numbers like my hr and step monitor is very accurate. It also connects to your gps in ur phone, facebook, and messages. Great tracker for its price👍🏼👍🏼.

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