This is a nice, affordable fitness watch. It has a lot of unique features, but mostly, i like the way it accurately counts my steps. The color screen is also a nice touch. The watch is easy to use, and it holds its charge well.

I bought my daughter a fitbit for christmas last year and wanted one myself. After hers failed within 6 months i was glad i didn’t buy one as it would have been a massive waste of money. When i saw this offering the same ability for less money i thought i would give it a go. Worst case scenario, if it did fail i haven’t lost much but with me concentrating on my fitness at the moment. I needed something to track my daily movement and sleep to aid me on my journey. So far i’m really impressed with this device. The steps taken seem accurate, yes i did pace out a few steps to see if it updated correctly and it did. It only takes a few seconds to click through all the options to find what i want to see and i get all the information i need. It requires an app to be installed for free, to android or iphone and after pairing the device up, which was really simple, it syncs your information whenever you open the app. Just slide down the app homepage for the synchronization to complete.

I bought this for myself to monitor my heart rate, steps and sleep and it does this and a lot more. The sleek design looks perfectly stylish on my wrist too. The bluetooth connection is good within 10 meters. You can sync the watch to your phone via the app and monitor the various elements. It allows you to receive call / sms notifications from facebook, twitter, whatsapp and so on making it useful to check on messages when you are travelling or unable to hear phone notifications. I love the fact that after a period of inactivity it reminds me to be active, which is perfect when i am sitting in front of computer and not realizing how long i have spent sitting down. Can easily compete with the market leading fitness watches due to its functions and trendy look.

I compared this tracker to the fitbit i used for years. The tracker wears more comfortable than fitbit. The sleep sensor tells me that sleep is not good. The step count and heart rate monitor seem to be accurate. The display is very noticeable both indoors and outdoors. Activating the display (wrist lifting and twisting) is very similar to a device that is more expensive for friends. In short – i will continue to use this device. And eventually quit my fitbit.

To be honest, i only really wanted a watch. Most digital watches are big and ugly but this little thing looks cute. So far it has been good as a watch (even very easy to read in bright sunlight) and has entertained me with the step counter and the heart rate monitor (who knew i had such a low resting heart rate and who knew it raced so much during a hot flush?). All in all, i’m happy with my purchase.

It is my first personal experience with fitness trackers, and to try it out i decided to go for a budget device. I am very satisfied with yeartown fitness trackers so far. It has an intuitive app, so if you’ve never had a fitness tracker before, it shouldn’t be a problem to understand the data collected. What i found most useful is the fact that you can change thetype of exercise/sport you are doing (walk, bike, run, sport), accordingly, which will make the data more accurate. This model also measures your heart rate, which some other expensive devices won’t do. Overall, i definitely recommend this fitness tracker. I already got 2 as presents for my parents who are getting older and need to be more careful with their health and exercise levels.

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I’ve had the yeartown fitness tracker for several days, i love it. I wanted to monitor my sleep primarily and for this task alone it is great. Having set ‘usual bedtime’ it’s pretty convenient in operation and seems reasonably accurate. The fitness tracker can even record my trails on google map and duration time when cycling and running which is very impressive. The steps function is interesting – a bit of ‘healthy’ competition has begun with my wife. This function seems reasonably accurate. I cannot comment on accuracy during normal walking and running but it measured the correct distance during a half marathonnotifications from the phone give it a smart watch function which is a nice feature. You can select on the app which kind of messages you want to see on the device and block those you’d rather not be bothered. The strap is comfortable but it does take a little time getting used to as it has to be snug for a good heart rate reading. I have only two minor gripes which could be solved by this activity tracker.

Key specs for Yeartown Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker OLED Color Screen Watch Smart Wristband with Heart Rate Test, IP67 Waterproof Sports Bracelet with Steps, Mileage Trails, Calorie/Sleep Monitoring etc:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Mileage Trails Map Track: This fitness tracker can record your movement trajectory especially during running process or any other trails on Google map in daily life.
  • Step & Distance & Calories Count: The sports bracelet can automatically track the steps, mileage, calories burned every day with connecting the GPS on your smartphone.
  • Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen & Sleep Monitoring: When wearing the smart wristband, it takes about 8 seconds to get the dynamic real-time data of heart rate & blood oxygen, and it can also monitor your sleep status every night.
  • Call & Message Smart Reminder: In bluetooth connection status, if the reminder functions are turned on, the wrist strap will vibrate and display the contacts name or seven messages when the calls or messages come.
  • Customize Exercise Goals: This activity tracker can detect the number of jumping rope and the time of riding bicycle when you customize exercise goals which are helpful for promoting body quality.

Comments from buyers

“FitBit Alternative
, Brilliantly accurate
, A trendy and sleek fitness watch!

Really a great product at an excellent price. I particularly like the heart rate and blood oxygen monitor. It allows me to monitor my readiness for the next set or lap during my workouts. I’ve used this for running, elliptical and general circuit training. The user interface is simple and intuitive. I highly recommend this product.

Also the price is very good.

After trying a few trackers i settled for this one. I personally don’t use the app. From the watch alone you can count steps, miles, heart rate and you can monitor a walk run or bike ride. I take it in the shower too.

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Nice little tracker, with the added functions of being able to track specific activities. Looks very similar to the fitbit, but at a fraction of the price, and the tracker does everything i want it to, and it was very easy to set up.

After 2 weeks liked it so much, i bought a second one for safe keeping, travel, etc. The first one is still working very nicely. But the second one died upon opening the box.So returning that second dead watch. Heart rate very accurate on this watch. No way to know of the accuracy of blood oxy (all tests using any oxy-meter always 97 to 99) but this watch’s oxy could be accurate, no reason to believe it is not. Blood pressure, unclear if accurate, should be used only as a rough guide. It is for sure very waterproof for showers, cleaning, tested that many times, no problem there. Watch looks very good, very light. Once connected to phone, very reliable communication. Firmware updating is very problematic, big problem the company needs to seriously look at immediately. If this first watch works out, in couple months i will again buy a second one.

Nice to have, keep up with your blood pressure, and miles you have walked.

This is a great product the only thing that i find strange about it is that it needs its own type of charging cable which it comes with but i wish it matched my phone charger. Good screen quality but my phone’s camera is not great.

‘from curiosity i bought this fitness tracker because many people used it at the gym. After a few minutes i forget that i have it at hand so it is very comfortable. It’s very easy to use and the battery has a very long life. Connecting to the phone and configuring it is easy. The screen responds very quickly and sees good when it’s in the sun. A watch that can count your steps, monitor your heart rate,blood pressure, monitor sleep and is waterproof.

 i got this tracker as a present for my husband, he has been using it for a couple of days and he just loves it. He wears it everyday without any issue, it’s really comfortable and stylish. We exercise together and the functions it has help you track your routine, specially the steps counter; besides that, the heart rate, oxygen level and blood pressure are really helpful functions to check on your health. There are other options available on the app, such as alarms that my husband uses to take his medicines, also the incoming call and message functions are really helpful when busy, he doesn’t have to be checking his phone the whole day at the office, just going trough messages at his bracelet. This is the first one we purchased and we are thinking on getting a couple more as gifts, we highly recommend them. Take a look at the video for the actual interface, it is really friendly.

Only had this fitness tracker for several days but so far i’m impressed. It was easy to set up, i managed to do it without asking my grandson for help. I wanted to know how far i walk in a day and to monitor my sleep to see what i need to do to improve my health, so far the results are interesting, i’m starting to see where i need to make improvements.

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It seems to work as well as i expected it to.

 overall i like this watch. It, took some time to grow on me but if you’re needing a watch to take to the gym and track your efforts – this one does a great job doing that. It may not have all the bells and whistles of a smartwatch like samsung or apple but compared to a basic pedometer style watch, it does a great job. I like how it has functions for riding a bike and jump roping as those are features i dont see on other watches.

Me gusta muchísimo y cumple con mis necesidades.

I usually don’t wear a watch, so i wasn’t sure how i would feel about wearing this on my wrist. But it is comfortable enough that i hardly notice it during my day. I like that it has a heart rate monitor and it seems to be pretty accurate. There are also specific activity tracking modes that will keep track of things like blood pressure, calories burned, distance, step count and activity time. All depending on what activity you are tracking. Great fitness tracker, worth it.

I love to be able to reach my goal on the steps i take every day. Its function is about the same as other expensive fitness trackers. Also it notifies you when you get call or message, which is great. Furthermore, you can take a picture with your phone and you don’t even need to touch your phone, all you have to do is to shake the watch on your hands.

Cool alternative to a fitbit. A nice clear screen shows you the time, how many steps you’ve walked, your heart rate, and also how well you’ve completed different activities, such as walking, running, cycling and jumping rope. As far as i’ve tested, the device is reasonably waterproof. The app tells you all the information you need, and you can also make selfie photos. All in all, this is a brilliant product which is excellent value for money.

Bought if for my boyfriend, watch quality is good and was easy to set up. Not too certain about it being waterproof so he doesn’t shower or swim with it on.

I like this product, only 1 problem, you need charge every 3 days.

First of all the packaging is minimal which is terrific for the environment. The tracker is slim and comfortable even during long hikes. This product has so many great features and tested against other trackers is very accurate. This is something i will purchase for additional memebers of my family, looking to achieve their health goals.

Perfect to monitor your health. With modern and important features like heart rate, distance covered, sleeping patterns and calories worked off, this stylish pedometer presents information clearly and precisely. It follows your sleep patterns and also has a feature to notify you when you are receiving a text message or phone call. The battery is great and lasts for long time. Great value for money and is highly recommended.

After reading many positive reviews, purchased one as a birthday present for my partner. Excellent value for the price and would highly recommend, especially if the market leaders are out of your price range. The strap is of good quality and feels secure on the wrist. Simple to pair with a smartphone after downloading the flagfit 2.