We originally bought two fitbit charge hr products in the house. First, her band fell apart, so fitbit sent a replacement. Then mine fell apart, so fitbit sent a replacement. Then her replacement fell apart, so fitbit sent another one. I didn’t even bother putting my replacement on, i was so annoyed with their cruddy product. In less than a year, we went through more than 1 each. They’ve changed the design now, of course, but i’m not going to buy a new one when the insides of this one still work.

One of the problems of the fitbit hr was precisely the fact that one could not replace the wristband. My fitbit hr wristband became detached from the fitbit twice; the first time i received a new fitbit using the warranty; the second time. Reluctantly, i replaced it by a charge 2, which gave me the option of replacing wristbands. So when i saw this product, truly inexpensive to try to fix a $100+ fitbit i could not use. It worked nearly flawlessly. They could do better with a better quality tool (screwdriver-like). After two or three screws (they are not your standard screws) it begins to deteriorate.

This band works well as a replacement. Mine came with the tools to change the band, new screws (with spares which is good, as they’re very small), illustrated instructions in translated but easy to read english. The clarity of the viewing window is good, especially considering how scratched my old one was. The strap is a good match to the original look with the lattice finish to it. Mine came with the buckle and loop installed, so i did not have to use these from my old strap as other have reported. It is true that you need to be careful disassembling your old band, and careful to keep the side button in place when reinstalling it into the replacement band. The strap is shorter than my original large band by about four to five adjustment holes and although this is no problem for me it is the reason to withhold the fifth star as it not an exact oem match in length. I like what i got and recommend it.

The fit isn’t perfect, but it’s an inexpensive repair for a common issue. I have had 3 fitbit charge hr units come unglued, and i had just about given up when it happened again. I ran across this part and figured it was worth a try. Swapping the guts wasn’t hard, you just have to be gentle and work on a clean desk so you don’t lose the tiny screws. The included screwdriver is great considering it would be very hard to find one at a store that would fit. They also include 6 new screws and two parts that look like guitar picks to help disassemble. Although the instructions have terrible english, they were easy to figure out and i had the thing fixed in about 10 minutes. There is a little bit of a fit issue above the button on one side, but otherwise it’s nice. Definitely worth trying if yours fell apart like mine.

This replacement band is very nice & was super easy to swap out. The instructions were easy to understand & follow. The size is not like the original though. My original was a size small so i got the small in the new band. It’s a lot smaller & i probably should have got the large. It’s a snug, but not tight fit & the band itself is kind of stiff making it a bit difficult to fasten initially. I think some of that will fade after it’s broken in though. I saw some people mention that theirs did not come with a clasp & had to use the one off their old one. Mine however did have the clasp for holding the band in place. I also saw some people mention that their screen is clear so their numbers and stuff show up white.

It took me about 30 minutes to change the band because it didn’t have any instructions and i had to spend time consulting youtube videos to figure out how to take it apart. Luckily there are several helpful videos to choose from. I was disappointed that it doesn’t come with the clasp or the little band to hold the strap in place but as i was expecting this from reading the reviews i just used the ones off my old band. The only negative thing i can find so far, other than not coming with instructions, is that the cover for the button isn’t as snug as on the original band and sticks out quite a bit. The material and the fit are pretty darn close to the original. The kit comes with the band, the tool, and 2 blue guitar pick looking things that i have no idea what they’re used for as like i said, no instructions. But obviously you can put it together without them.

ZEROFIRE for Fitbit Charge HR Bands, Replacement Accessories Strap for Fitbit Charge HR

  • Perfect replacement strap for Fitbit Charge HR/ Charge hr / fitbit charge hr accessories/ fitbit charge hr 1/ charge hr fitbit (NOT fit Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR 2)
  • Two available size: Large for 6.2″ – 7.6″ wrist, Small for 5.4″ – 6.2″ wrist. Available Colors: Black/Blue/Plum/Pink/Teal/Tangerine
  • ATTENTION: Please sure you seriously read the assembly instructions before tear down the old Fitbit Charge HR/ Charge hr / fitbit charge hr 1 and install the new strap.
  • Package included replacement strap, small screwdriver, plastic triangle tool, and instructions. Replacement strap for Fitbit Charge HR/ Charge hr / fitbit charge hr accessories/ fitbit charge hr 1/ charge hr fitbit
  • ZeroFire Replacement Accessories strap for fitbit charge hr/fitbit charge hr 1 bands/fitbit charge hr accessories/fitbit charge hr bands/fitbit charge hr charger/charge hr keeper

Arrived on time, item as described. When installing the new band pay very close attention to the fitting of the side button within its plastic clip. If that button gets bent back incorrectly as you snap the fitbit into the band it will damage the membrane on the band and the button itself. Then, removing the fitbit from the new band to try to fix it may result in a broken new band. I destroyed mine and had to order a new fitbit. If you are careful, and guide that button into place very carefully, this replacement band seems to be a great solution to the bad fitbit band problem.

After using this kit to install my fitbit hr into the new band it is like having a new watch – but i don’t have to pair or setup the watch. I was surprised that this includes a new face plate as the old front surface of my watch had deep scratches. Note – you do have to remove 4 tiny screws and the inside of your fitbit hr. All of the tools and extra screws are included along with very detailed instructions. The hardest part for me was re-installing the tiny screws in the new band because i have large hands. I used some tranparent tape to stick to the screw head and then was able to do it fairly easily.

The replacement strap showed up within the two days, due to prime. I sat down tonight to deinstall old strap and install the new one. Due to the product, the screws holding the fitbit in are incredibly small. You will need good eyes, good light and steady hands. Fortunately the company included the correct driver to remove and install the screws. Place them on a place or a bowl. Instructions went well, except for the removal of the nfc film. They tell you to remove it but not how. I work it with my fingernails, but very gently.

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I read the previous reviews about the replacement band missing the strap holder and the clasp, so i took them off of my old fitbit and put them on the replacement with no problems. I’m pretty mechanically inclined, so swapping the bands only took me about 5 minutes after reading the instructions. The written instructions were pretty tiny, so if you have problems with tiny fonts this may be an issue for you. However, the new band seems to be made of quality material and fits the charge hr perfectly. I would definitely recommend this product.

This works, i just finished changing out my broken strap for the new one, the little clip is a bit loose, but i know to watch it. There is a design flaw with the fitbit charge hr strap, causing it to fail and pull apart near the tracker. I went 18 months (which is pretty good) before mine began to fail, then another three before it broke at night while sleeping. I knew about this option, but was confused by the size (turns out the “standard shipping size” is actually large for the original fitbit charge hr). I contact fitbit to see if they had their own replacement strap and to see if there was anything they could do (knowing it was way out of warranty). They said the strap wasn’t replaceable and that the warranty had expired. The only recourse was a quickly offered 25% discount off a new item that was only available to me after seeking her supervisor’s opinion (which came across to me as it is the baseline discount they offer to appease the disgruntled customers). I have thirty days to make up my mind (which i know would not be for another fitbit, i would upgrade my apple watch instead). This replacement process, without my glasses, took about five minutes standing over a counter in the bathroom this morning to take care of. Best financial option for extending the life of your charge hr.

I am really impressed with the band. This was a pretty expensive device so boo to fitbit for having the band fall apart after less than a year of use. I have some experience with pc parts but i usually shy away from working with small devices after destroying an ipod a few years ago trying to replace the battery. This was very easy to replace. The package came with the screwdriver and tools to pry off the old band. My band was broken and partially removed already so it was pretty easy to get off but i don’t think it would have been too difficult anyway. It took about 10 minutes to replace. The hardest part for me and my fat stubby fingers was trying to deal with the microscopic screws but even that was not too difficult. I was just worried i would lose them. Finally, i read in the questions that people said this band did not come with the clasp.

Overall very pleased with this product. My original fitbit was the blue color and i was more keen to the black once it became time to replace the band. My boyfriend was able to switch out the old fitbit into the new band for me with minimal issues. I did warn him about how the reviews stated to read the instructions several times and to watch a couple youtube videos before proceeding with this process as to make sure you do not break your fitbit. The only reason i’m giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is just because the tool that was included with the band fit the new screws in the kit pretty well but it pretty much stripped out the original screws in the fitbit. It’s like it’s a close tool but just not quite right. My boyfriend ended up needing to just drill out the old screws with a tiny drill bit instead, which left some scratches and rough patches on the under-side of the fitbit part that goes against your wrist. (it doesn’t look the prettiest but he was able to sand the area smooth with a bit of sand paper so it wasn’t uncomfortable. ) since my original fitbit was blue and i decided to replace it with the black band, the visible side button is still blue but hey, i can deal with that. Overall, i’d say that this this a pretty inexpensive solution to a problem that could’ve been very costly to replace.

Haha love having the option to buy a band versus a new fitbit i tend to go through bands often so i’m glad i purchased. This was very simple to do and it included everything i needed and even extra screws. The directions were written easily and had pictures to match. I’m usually horrible at these type of “procedures” but it was easy to do. I will be ordering a few more for back ups.

I really love the design of this band and it is a bit stiffer but it is brand new. The band itself is almost as big as the fitbit large which was big on me so i was hoping this one would be smaller. I just replaced the band and it was really pretty simple. The instructions are quite small but i was able to read them but i still watched a video on youtube to make sure i did it correctly. I did break a nail in the process however. Make sure you also remove the sticker from the old band i am not sure i would have understood what that was without watching the video. The hardest part was getting those tiny screws back into the slots and after several attempts i got one of those stick/pen type magnets picked up the screw and placed it into the opening and that worked great. I will update if anything funky happens like the band falling apart but i doubt it.

I sat at the kitchen table and completed the swap in about 10 minutes. Be careful when removing the nfc inside the display base, just peel it up carefully, don’t break the strands. The screws are a bit of a bear to get back into the case, but either use a set of tweezers or a magnet against the supplied screwdriver. My only complaint is that the band is a bit short. I got the largest one available and it’s about half-inch shorter than the stock/factory band from fitbit. All in all i’m pleased with the swap. I’ll be ordering another for my wife’s band.

Vi was having really bad skin reactions to my gearfit 2 and my fitbit charge hr because of the material (whatever it was) that the watchband was made out of from the original package. Someone showed me the tons of watchband replacements on amazon, and i purchased this one for my fitbit. And man, am i glad that i didthe skin breakout / reactions are a thing of the past, no matter how much i sweat or get wet around my wrist. The product comes with a tiny screwdriver and instructions on how to replace the band, and it really worked well. Plus, i’ve had people ask me where i got the groovy band. You can thank amazon for that, my friend. Price is reasonable, easy to assemble, and it works. If you are curious about changing out your band for your fitbit charge hr, for whatever reason, please consider this product. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, and please mark my review as helpful if it helped you at all.

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ZEROFIRE for Fitbit Charge HR Bands, Replacement Accessories Strap for Fitbit Charge HR : This is a super alternative to buying a whole new fitbit. We have replaced it on 2 different ones we own. The only downside is that the edge doesn’t “click” into place on one side so it’s not as watertight anymore, but it is still better than a broken or bubbly band. The color of the band and window changes the color of the lit numbers, so the appear orange now, kind of cool actually. You can still see the original color of the fitbit on the sides (it was blue). I felt like the process to replace it was pretty easy, you do have to get in between the plastic not just the rubber outer layer though, which seems like you’re going to break it but that’s what you need to pop out.

I purchased this band to replace my original band after it began to bubble and eventually fall apart. Fitbit’s 1 year warranty had just expired. The glue holding the bottom strap to the fitbit had fallen off. I only needed to remove the top strap. Initially, i though that the plastic piece that was left would slide into the new band i had ordered, but it did not. I still needed to remove the plastic casing. Being that the fitbit hr charge isn’t designed to have a removable band, it was quite tricky getting it apart, especially the plastic casing. I relied on a youtube video to see how to take it apart. The included blue tiles helped in taking apart the fitbit. The included screwdriver worked without any issues.

This band looks like an almost exact match to my fitbit charge hr band, in purple. It was packed well, came with instructions and tiny replacement screws, and the tools and instructions to get your fitbit into this band. I had a small size fitbit and a scratched up screen. I got a large replacement band. It’s much more comfortable now. You do need to be careful taking your fitbit out of it’s original band, and you have to pry pretty hard to get it out- i certainly wouldn’t try this with a fitbit that was still under warranty. And, it’s hard enough to pry out that you won’t want to change the band very often. There’s a small ‘sticker’ (it’s actually a type of chip) that you have to peel out of the original band and put into the new band- i don’t know how many times you’ll be able to peel that off and move it. I guess some of these bands used to come without a buckle, or the band that holds the extra strap down- mine came with all of that. I’m happy with this band, and it’s like i have a new fitbit now.

Ok, taking it out of the old band is hard. You have to squeeze the sides hard to get the latches to release. Once it’s out, it’s really easy to accidentally pop out the button. Definitely check out youtube videos, because while the instructions are clear, they are only clear if you understand them to begin with. The tool is a standard t2 bit. Some around here say it came without the little band holders, and to move from the old one. Mine came with 2, just as pictured. It is difficult to replace unless you tear up the old band, but can be done, really check out youtube for this one. Size is about 3 notches smaller than a large standard band. If you’re right on the end of a large, this isn’t for you.

I installed the new band as soon as i received it today. I used my husband’s magnifying goggles and needed a pair of tweezers to remove and replace the tiny screws. It went in as it was suppose too, except the side button slipped and i had to remove the charge hr from the band and reinstall the button. It fell off when removing the charge from the new band. Be careful and be aware that that can happen, but can be reinstalled. Following others advice, i worked over a white towel. 5 extra screws were provided as well as the wrench and blue triangle. My charge was quite dirty after over a year plus of use. If i have any problems i’ll add to this review.

I was intimidated to change this over but finally bought one because i originally bought an x-large band and i’ve lost a lot of weight and it’s just too big. So i did buy a size large and the guts are the same size, so you don’t have to buy the same size band to change it. This is for the fitbit charge hr. All the parts needed are included. They send additional tiny screws but if you don’t loose the ones you take out, you don’t need them. You get two of the blue chips to pry the case open, but they are the same and only need one. My band came with the buckle and the holder piece for the tail, so not sure what other buyers were referring to that these pieces weren’t included. What i am having trouble with is the button on the left side still functioning in the new band. I think i will need to take it apart again and see if i missed something. It works a little but i can’t get the timer to start without a lot of effort, if then.

Ultimately it works great, but not so easy to install. I read the directions and also watched a very helpful youtube video before starting and worked on a white towel to keep track of the tiny screws. When i took the screws off, my damaged band broke in half and literally fell off the fitbit, so that was easy. I carefully put the new one in and it looked great but the button on the side didn’t work. I took the band back off – which was pretty difficult because the new one fit tightly. The time the little button on the side came off the fitbit. Now i was in panic mode because i was afraid i had broken the fitbit. Fortunately, the button is just a tiny plastic piece that fits in a slot. I used a flathead glasses screwdriver to push the plastic button back into place. Then i reinstalled the fitbit in the band making sure that the plastic button was securely in the right place.

This is very similar to the original band. However it is a slightly smaller band than the original large size. For me it isn’t an issue since i really needed a medium size when i first purchased it and they stopped making medium bands. It has one less tab on the band for tightening. It took about 10 minutes to change to the new band. I watched a youtube video that showed bending the band slightly on the top and bottom to start loosening it and then i used the included tool to help pop the electronics out. Be gentle and don’t be in a rush and it will come out easily as you move around the band to remove it. Fitbit refused to do anything about my original band “bubble” which happened in about 16 months of careful wear; so i ordered this band to replace it. I put the new band on my wrist and everything is working like the original. I also moved the “fitbit” band holder to this one as it looks nicer :-).

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To my surprise it did the job. The instructions were terrible: google translate would do a better job than whoever they hired, font on the instruction sheet was smaller than legal disclaimer disclaimer, pictures were tiny and and shot from angles that didn’t reveal much. At the end i had to go back to the product listing find a picture of the instruction and blow it up by 10x. The new screws provided with the kit didn’t want to go in at all. The old screws did go into the new frame but with a lot of effort and don’t hold too well. The step of peeling off antenna sticker was the iffiest one and i was sure i damaged it but to my surprise at the end of the process fitbit connected (although it took 15 minutes to sync – not sure it if was accumulated data or degraded bandwidth). I don’t think it fully deserves 4 stars but i can’t give 3. 5 and at the end it did the job. Important: my original hr was xl and i was upset that the only available replacement kits were s and l. It was in vain – the replacement l is about the same size as original xl (judging by which hole i ended up using).

Great replacement band for the fitbit charge hr. Looks almost identical to the original band just missing the fitbit name on the band is all. Didn’t take to long to switch things from the old band to the new one. After the swap on my fitbit when the vibrator went off it made a lot of noise. So i tore my tracker apart again. There is a small foam square on top of the vibrator motor that holds it in place once it’s all assembled. I just replaced that small foam square and reassembled the tracker. Now no loud noise and vibrates just like it should. I just had to re sync it with my phone and i was all done good as new. As of may 2018 it comes with everything you need to replace the band.

My black fitbit was worn out, the plastic on the left of the screen was cracked, and the black rubber material was bubbling up and pealing back. Now with this replacement band, it looks brand new. The instructions that were advertised and more instructions that came with the replacement band were easy step by step and easy to follow. The one thing that i would ask the maker is to point out is the button on the left, it was bent back when i first inserted the guts into the new band. It was easy to pull the device out of the new band, bend the button back and get it working. My replacement band came with all the parts necessary to make it a functioning wrist band, plus the screw driver and six additional screws (cause they look like tiny ants on my work surface.

Easy to install and looks great.

I’m very happy i chose to get a replacement band for my poor broken fitbit- this was easy enough to do (had to look at the product page here on amazon for more instructions- otherwise i would have missed the nfc film) but it was still frustration free and took less than 10 minutes to assemble my fitbit back together and now i’m a happy camperthe new band is stiff but i’m sure over time it will become more flexible.

The replacement band works fine so far. However, if you have any stripped screws on your old fitbit charge hr, then this is quite a time consuming repair because you have to carefully break your old fitbit away from the rubber in pieces, then carefully find a way to extract your stripped screws from the very tiny brass-like housing. Only time will tell if my repair is successful. Peeling out the little circuit board and placing it into the new wristband is a bit disconcerting, too. Just not a repair for the poor of sight or dexterity. And i work on my macs for time to time. I think it took me about an hour because of my previous stripped screw problem. Luckily, the kit comes with 6 new screws.

There was some plastic over one of the screw covers that was inside the hole that i couldn’t get out all the way , but i was able to screw back together anyways. It would have been nice if the instructions had included how to change the clasp but i figured it out.

My fitbit was falling apart, even though i took care of it and keep a protective cover over it. My wife’s had fallen apart as well. I found this while actually searching for the fitbit hr to write a bad review about its durability. I transfered the electronic guts to the new band, the bonus i was please to find out is that the screen is apart of the band, this was nice as i had a huge nasty scratch on mine. Caution: to those of you about to do this, here is a tip not in the instructions. The button on the left side of the watch can easily be bent, i smashed mine all up and had to straighten out with tiny pliers. When you snap the old one into the new housing make sure you bend the clip the holds the button back (careful don’t break it) and try to favor that side to put in first. It doesn’t take much to clear but it’s something to be aware. Tip: i found a medium size flathead screw driver was much easier to pry out the electronics than the plastic triangle it came with, as the screwdriver has a thinner profile to get into the seam.

My fitbit charge hr band had been falling apart for quite sometime. I finally bit the bullet and purchased this. Before install: i think i got quite lucky. Instead of 4 screws (or even 0 as some band pattern pictures imply), i actually received 6. I guess they wanted to make sure i didn’t royally screw up. Secondly i received 2 blue ‘guitar’ pics. Can’t for the life of me think of what the tool is named. That being said, you shouldn’t need any screws if you are careful with the ones you have (plus you are more likely to strip the screw taking it out the first time) and only need one tool to separate it. During install: the original screws were not glued in for my unit, and were fine to use on the replacement band. Honestly, just be careful making sure their tool is firmly in the screw and turn.