I wanted a darker colored band than the original white one that came with my watch. This new band is a little bit softer than the original (a good thing), and looks great. Good quality, and i may order the package of six, because it isn’t that hard to change the bands.

I love the variety of colors and the ease of changing the bands. The only reason i gave it three stars is because the buckle is put on backwards so one side has a textured pattern to it but the other side with the buckle has to turn the pattern side under in order for it to buckle correctly. Other than that these are great. And nobody has commented to me that one has a texture pattern and one doesn’t so i’m not worried about it.

They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I got them yesterday and they appear to be well constructed, so i expect them to hold up pretty well.

I bought this after my first watch band broke. I think this one is better than the original. It has a new little lip on it to keep the loop from sliding off. Quality seems to be good and it came with all the tools necessary to change out the old band. I was happy to find this for so cheap too.

While the bands are great, the 2 torx drivers provided with the kit are lacking. 1 of the drivers was too small to bite into the screw recess and was going to strip it out. Luckily, i already had a precision screw driver set with the t6 torx bits, so i used my tools instead. Therefore, only giving 3 stars because you’re not going to be able to install with the tools provided.

I really liked how they came, like the stop at the end and would have wished for colors other then black an white. Depending on what you had its more stock then anything. But thats just my preference. Id order from this company again, ohh theres no extra scews of you lost one i hope you back up.

Nice watch band, just like original one. The white has held up really well i was worried it would discolor fast.

I finally needed to replace my garmin vivoactive watch band and this was a great replacement part. The screws were a little hard to get loose and out and i had to youtube how to change them but overall, great product. I would buy again from here if i needed to.

The little hump at the end of the band in order to keep it secure is a good idea and is functional but is also a little annoying when trying to unfasten the band and get it off your wrist.

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Had some difficulty removing pins myself. My husband was able to remove them just fine. Did notice that this band does not have the notch under the lip to fit in a hole as with the original. However, it is not needed since the lip is stopped by the end of band.

Not exactly identical to the original one, more soft (what is in fact better) and less reflexive (what makes it appear less dark). But for the price, it’s definitely 5 starts for me.

I currently have the garmin vivoactive watch. This band fits perfectly on the watch, is so comfortable, is very durable. Looks classy, sporty, feminine, masculine and casual. It’s an all around must have band.

My original band broke and had looked for several replacement. I have gotten a steel mesh as well as another silicone. The steel mesh is a little too slick as it easily rotate around my wrist and held water after a shower longer than i would like. It worked great for a few months but i find that it tend to snag on the edges on clothing and eventually fell apart. I was hesitant on getting silicone and was looking for resin, but resin just isn’t available. The previous silicone got shiny and became sticky, so much so that slipping into a long sleeve shirt always caused it to snag a little and i did not like the feel or texture. This arrive a few days ago and has a matte look and feel. Was not overly flexible or soft. I like it so far and the only problem i see is the latch on the end of the strap sticks too well to take off quickly, but if it doesn’t get sticky like the other silicone, it not really a problem. Will update if anything changes. Here are the specifications for the ZSZCXD Band for Garmin Vivoactive, Soft Silicone Wristband Replacement Watch Band for Garmin Vivoactive Sports GPS Smart Watch:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with Garmin Vivoactive ONLY – Personalized Your Garmin Vivoactive GPS Watch with this refined replacement wrist band
  • Adjustable Secure Wristband Design – Free size fits most wrists (Fits 5.31″-8.46″ (135mm-215mm) wrist), have plenty of spots for size adjustment
  • Softness is moderate, wear very comfortable. Compression molding, sturdy and durable. Easy and direct installation and removal
  • Delighted varied color personalize your wristband to fits your mood and outfits in daily life with this brand new color choices
  • Only the accessory band itself and screwdrivers, exclude the Watch device or other parts(For Garmin Vivoactive ONLY!!! NOT fit Garmin Vivoactive HR!!! Watch NOT included!!!)

It’s a cheaper quality than i expected, but i can’t complain for the price. The small clasp that keeps the ‘tail’ down breaks very easily so i had to duct tape it the 3rd day after wearing it.

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These bands hold up better than the original band. I was tired of replacing the little buckle that hold the band ‘flap’ in place- or using hair ties in its place until i could get a replacement. I’m on the 2nd band of this pkg, i think the first one made it almost a year before breaking. Much better than a couple monthsthe colors are clean and bright. The white band is not yellowing.

Surprising quality for the price and very easy to replace on garmin. Durable, possibly moreso than the original band. Color is a bit funky and it’s quite long. It would be better if different sizes were available, or if one could trim the band with some sort of segment markings.

I like this band it is a repica of the original but i still have an issue of after 6 months of wear the short portion of the band with the buckle will dry out and rip in half.

Fits and feels almost just like the old band at a good price. A little stiff at first but it’s still going fine.

I was getting tired of the black watch band that came on my vivoactive, so i’ve replaced it with the white. It was super easy to switch over and it washes right off when i get muddy or sweaty. Great buy for a great price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good fit and feel, good value
  • Kinda does the job?
  • Great fit for great price

My garmin vivoactive’s ‘holder piece’ (for lack of a better term the slider the keeps everything tight) broke so i sought a replacement. This one came in some cool colors, but i opted for the gray. It came with two special screwdrivers to remove the existing band (make sure you don’t lose the bar and tiny screw while removing). The band itself is good quality and even has a bonus over the original – a raised portion which keeps the ‘holder piece’ secured.

It’s basically a carbon copy of the oem band, but the raised stopper mark that keeps the tail of the band in the look is more defined. On my original band it would slip out constantly, but this has a nice, solid wedge bit that keeps it in place.

Perfect replacement for a damaged band. Easy to install and came with all the necessary tools and instructions.

The band itself is great, but the metal part at the end (that holds the band together when it is on) keeps falling out. It is frustrating, especially since the actual band part is exactly what we were looking for.

This works exactly as it should. Most helpfully the band came with the two small screwdrivers to remove the old band and replace with the new band.

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Great price for the bundled colors. Each came with the 2 tools needed to replace the band, but didn’t come with the pins. So if your pins are broken then you need to buy that separately.

Slate color looks great and changes the look nicely. Took maybe 5 mins to install. Came with two screwdrivers, one to hold one side and the other to unscrew. Once the screw head comes out take the screwdriver and push the remaining rod through (it doesn’t come out it’s connected.

My stock band finally broke on me. I wish it had broken sooner so i could have bought this band a year ago. The little silicone clasp on this doesn’t slide around like the stock band did, which means this band doesn’t irritate me. I didn’t realize how much this bugged me until i got this band.

This is the first one of these replacement bands i’ve gotten that’s held up like the original. For whatever reason, i keep breaking the little band that holds the tail of the main band. This one seems to be holding up just fine.

No complaints, does what it’s supposed to.

Fits perfectly, easy to replace (although the instructions could have been more instructive). It’s actually softer and more flexible than the original, making it that much more comfortable to wear.

Came with everything i needed to switch out my old band.

After my band broke, i ordered 2 of these, one black and one white. Each replacement comes with the tools needed to undo the screw that attaches the band to the watch and its easy and quick to do.

The strap was relatively simple to attach and works fine. However, the little band that holds down the excess part of the strap once it is secured broke off within a week of wearing it. I knew others had a similar problem so i made sure to be careful with it and it still broke. Now i just hold it down with a rubber band. While the product works, not the most aesthetic look.

I could not be happier with this purchase. I have been through 3 garmin straps now because the little piece that holds the band down keeps breaking. So instead of purchasing the single garmin band, i went with this set of 10. The quality is great and you cannot go wrong with the price. Plus, the colors are more fun than your basic white or black.

Good band for the garmin vivofit. Only complaint is the piece that holds the extra band is easily ripped.