Works well magnet is strong.

Allows me to keep up with my activity level and still be able to wear my regular watch.

This is a great and inexpensive device. Love the extra security of the rubber piece that wraps around. I had another accessory just like without the extra band and had my fitbit fall out on more than one occasion.

I bought this to be able to wear my fitbit when i am dressed up and the wristband doesn’t vibe with my outfit. The magnet is pretty strong. I did some running, dog walking and arobics and didn’t lose the thing. They include a small rubber band to wrap around the fitbit and device for some added security. I wear it with the fitbit inside the clothing facing towards me instead of outside, away from me. Nothing is foolproof, it even the wristband and most of the time i forget that i am wearing either one. Piece of advice, create a ritual of when and where you take either of these off or put them on. It would be easy to misplace.

Love i can now wear my alta on my sock or shirt at work and not worry about getting it too wet. I am a hairdresser so it also keep water from getting under it.

Convenient option for wearing my fitbit alta when i’m dressed up and the usual wrist band holder is less than elegant. I can switch to this holder and put it in my pocket, or even loop it over something i’m wearing due to the magnetic closure. Rating four starts rather than 5 because the securing bands that are included are likely not the color of the holder. I ordered a holder in pink because, with my skin tone, it would be less visible against my skin if it peeks from what i’m wearing, but one security band is white and the other is black so somewhat wonky looking when they’re both in place. It might be okay if they were both the same color. For the black holder that i ordered, at least that came with two black securing bands, so that one looks consistent. That said, though, the bands are easy to use and work very well.

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If the usual wristband doesn’t go with your clothing but you still want to count your steps, that clip is a solution. It holds very nicely (tried it out during a very tough volleyball match).

Often i’m pushing a cart at a store or pushing a stroller when i’m getting in most of my steps. I had tried to attach it to my shoe, didn’t work; attached it to my belt loop, it would fall off; the only thing that seemed to work was stuffing it into my bra but it was so uncomfortable. Then this was a suggested product. Now i can kick my aunt jody’s a** at weekly challenges.

  • Works just as it should!
  • Great addition to wristband
  • All hail the savior to the stroller mom and avid shopper!

ZSZCXD Clip for Fitbit Alta HR and Alta, Colorful Replacement Accessory Magnetic Clip Clasp Strap for Fitbit Alta HR and Alta(No Tracker)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • New fashion designed replacement cover case for Fitbit Alta HR and Alta and makes your alta a new look
  • Personalize stylish clip holder to match your daily style with this clip new color choices, for Fitbit Alta Only
  • Wear your fitbit wireless activity and sleep tracker comfortably with this Fitbit clip, which attaches quickly and easily to your pocket, belt or bra straps
  • Silicon Fastener Ring for free – designed specially to protect the fitbit alta hr and alta clip from falling off it’s silicon case and securely hold the fitbit in the holder
  • Package contents: 1 x Magnetic Clip, 1 x Silicon Fastener Ring for free (Not included the fitbit alta tracker)

Holds device securely and is a nice alternative to a strap when i can not wear one.

This holder for my fitbit alta needed some modification before i could really use it. Once put into this strap, its extremely difficult to remove it to charge. But, if you take some manicure scissors and carefully trim off a bit of the protrusion at each end (on the inside), it will still be held properly but much easier to remove to charge the fitbit. I much prefer to use this strap/holder in my pocket than using a wristband and having it on my arm. You don’t get the heartbeat reading when its in the holder but i really don’t care about that.

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Product was what i expected. I’m a little nervous that the fit bit could slip out if i’m exercising or doing something active, but it does come with a little band to keep the fit bit in place. The magnet is pretty strong so it stays in place. I usually wear it on my bra strap.

I like to have a variety, depending on what activity i am dong. This gives me another way to use the alta.

When i get tired of having my fitbit on my wrist i transfer to this. I can even hide it under my clothes.

I got this about 2 weeks ago. I use it when i can’t stand wearing the fitbit as a watch anymore. The magnetic clip is very strong.

Decent product, i was able to wear my alta without having to put it on my wrist. My only concern was the attached string. It seemed flimsy but the magnet was very strong.

Yay now i can wear my apple watch and do the fitbit workweek hustle with friends without looking like a total nerd. The accessory works well but i do you a hair tie to keep it in place just to make sure i don’t lose my fitbit.

Shipped super fast and came earlier than expected. I love being able to track my steps and not wear this on my wrist.

This clip has a strong magnet. I use this when i go shopping because your steps don’t register on the alta if you are pushing a shopping cart. The magnet gives it an extra security if you are putting it in your shoe laces.

Surprisingly strong magnet, i didn’t have high hopes for the clip part i just wanted to be able to hook it into my bra and i was very surprised with the quality. Clips to any clothes i wear and easily, other brands have to slide down onto fabric making a funny mark and stretching that spot a little but this one its like a little square and goes away as soon as you touch the spot where it was. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who dosnt want to wear the watch exclusively. It even has little dented parts inside to fit the alta hr exactly.Like the part that can snap onto a watch is precisely cut out, its not popping out without you knowing i promise you. Tested on a bra strap, jean pocket, thick banded legging on the waist band and on a belt loop. The tracking of steps isn’t 100% i did a few tests and i would walk 20 steps and it count 18 which is close enough for me 🙂 i have the fitbit alta hr.

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But it’s super sturdy, it unhooked and i lost my entire fitbit in disney world.

Usually, i wear a fitbit alta bracelet watch. But, i use this when i don’t want the fitbit to be noticed. This accessory is very comfortable and also very magnetic. (it’s easy to forget i’m wearing it.

My alta fits in there snugly.

Magnet works well, and the two little plastic pieces secure the fitbit. Highly recommend if you’re someone who doesn’t like to wear your fitbit on your wrist.

Don’t really need the included band to keep the alta in place. Note that the alta fits in the space but it’s not a perfect fit. The magnet is super strong though.

The magnet is very strong and secure so i don’t fear losing my fitbit.

I wanted to wear my other bracelets and watches and with the alta i also wanted to track my steps and activity. This has given me the ability to do both. Depending on where you place on your body does have an impact on accuracy, unless you are a must know 100% accuractely this is the production.

I have a fitbit alta hr and got this in the nude color. I use this for things like getting groceries or walking with a stroller, when i’m walking but my wrist isn’t moving. The magnet it strong and i’ve been able to get my alta in and out with no problem and with the silicone still remaining snug. I’ve put it on my bra strap, in the waistband of my jeans, and even on my pant leg and it keeps track of my steps perfectly. Plus, the price can’t be beat.

Good quality but i bought for the wrong model.