The colors are just as shown. The only reason i give them 4 stars is because they are extremely difficult to put on and take off my charge 2. But that may just be a product of my age and the fact that i have shellacked nails.

Bands look just like the ones that comes with the fitbit, and you get three cheaper than you can get one from fitbit. I wear a small on the sixth notch on the fitbit band and with these i wear it on the fourth notch. There is a lot of extra, but it doesn’t bother me as much as i thought it would. The colors look like they do in the picture, just not as shinny: they are mate.

Bright, sturdy, and excited to change up my band. I bought a small and fit perfect. I would recommend this product.

I absolutely love my new replacement bands. I’ve been wanting the lavender band since i first bought my fitbit. All 3 bands in this set are nice, especially the lavender and peach. The teal band is a bit more of a ‘medical green’ than the original fitbit teal though. Personally, i don’t love their version of teal, but still have my original fitbit band and will use that one instead.

My girlfriend is a very active runner and puts wear and tear on a lot of her running gear. This is keeping up with active lifestyle quite well. The color and shape is holding on very nicely. I can see her getting a good amount of use out of this band before it needs to be replaced.

The clasp is a little difficult to work with i usually have my husband take apart because i hate chipping my nails. They are true to color except for the blue one online it looks brighter but it is deep blue irl.

Not bad for the price but the genuine fitbit band attaches much, much easier than this one does; be prepared to break you thumbnail if you are not careful.

Key specs for ZSZCXD for Fitbit Charge 2 Bands, New Bracelet Strap Replacement Band Wristband with Secure Silicone Fasteners Metal Clasps for Fitbit Charge 2 (No Tracker):

  • Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 ONLY – watch buckle designed with refined to fit the Fitbit Charge 2 and perfect replace your original band
  • Fitbit Charge 2 band is made of high quality TPE + TPU rubber. It is comfortable, eco-friendly and safe for the human skin
  • Adjustable Secure Wristband Design – one size free size fits most wrists
  • Delighted varied color fits your mood and outfits in daily life. Not only sporty but also fashionable accessories,Creates a strong statement for yourself
  • Package contents: 1 x Band for Fitbit Charge 2 (Only the accessory band itself, exclude the tracker device or other parts)

Comments from buyers

“Amazing bands for an even more amazing price!
, Not bad for the price!
, Very nice!

I loved that these are adjustable and fit true to size. So many colors and a large assortment allowed for me to change the band almost daily. The quality is very high end, much nicer than other bands i have previously purchased. Tough and rugged to withstand daily use and they stay tight and do not stretch out.

My office offers a health and wellness program that comes with a fitbit so everyone around me has one and they all ask where i got my bands from. These come with two of the little loops things that keep the extra strap down which is nice if the your band is too long, or you can cut the other one off if you don’t need it. (and they do have the little part that goes into the hole on the band to keep the loop thing in place, if that makes sense. ) these clip on and off just like the original band and the size is comparable, i have a small and these are the same length as the band that came with the fitbit. I have been wearing the purple one for over 2 month straight and it has not discolored or faded at all. I’m very happy with my purchase.

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Great deal on replacement bands. I love that i can change the band color to match my outfit. So inexpensive compared to brand store prices. Band looks identical to manufacturers band. I think i will buy the remaining colors just to cover all bases.

Brought the 10 packs in size small. There is no difference from the fitbit brand but without the high price. The double strap is great because you get the extra security. The only con is that the lighter color does get dirty quicker and you can see it compare to the darker colors. Customer service was great because i received 9 out of the 10 colors and they refund me the amount to purchased a single band. I am glad i brought the bands because it’s nice and fun to change it out.

They look and feel like the original band. I wear a large fitbit charge 2 band, which is quite large on me, and i bought the 5. I am wearing this on the 2nd to last hole, so if you normally wear a large, and it is tight, i would suggest going with the bigger size. These did not come with instructions on how to switch bands, but it was fairly easy to figure out. I love them and can’t wait to buy another set of colors.

I got the ten pack, and it costs less than a single official fitbit strap, so i wasn’t expecting much. I just wanted to have different colored straps to match my clothes. But, i was surprised at how nice these straps looked. 4in, and my original fitbit strap is a size small. I’m attaching photos comparing the black strap that came with my fitbit and the black strap included in this pack. The latter is quite a bit softer and feels more comfortable around my wrist. Attaching it to my fitbit charge 2 was a snap (literally). The clasp works the same way as the original. Pretty happy with this set so far.

These bands are perfect, and even arrived earlier than i expected. The quality of the bands is comparable to the factory band that came with my fitbit charge 2. The material is just as soft and flexible, the size was as ordered, and the ease of changing from one band to another was as described. The variety of colors (10) allows for a great choice of matching fashion while tracking my activity. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would certainly recommend this product.

These are the same quality as fit bit. Wore my baby pink one to gym and no stains. Im sure it will wear like my fitbit original one did, but for the price you cannot beat it. I got all 10 and do not regret it. Other fitbitters are already asking for links to buy.

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These bands are doing great after about a month of wear. They are a bit stretchier than the manufacturer band but i’ve found that they fit better and don’t feel quite as heavy. They look good and are easy to change out. I’d buy more of these if they came in brighter colors.

I wish they came in a medium. The large was significantly larger than the original band. Other than that it was pretty much the same as the original. I was neither disappointed nor ‘wowed’.

They fit perfectly with my fitbit charge 2. My only complaint is that the little circle of rubber/plastic (that holds the band down once it is secured to your wrist) stretches a little every time you remove your fitbit. Eventually that little circle breaks and then your watch band just flaps around. The band does come with two but it really doesn’t take long for them to wear out.

The bands are pretty nice and they seem to be a decent quality. They’re easy to put on and remove pretty much the same as the original band that came with my charge 2. My real complaint is that they’re pretty small. My wrists are not large (i’m 6′ tall and weigh 178 lbs) and i have to use the second to last hole for them to fit as they’re supposed to. So the secures that are supposed to hold the excess band down don’t work and just move around.

I loved this band for the few weeks i was able to use it. It fit perfectly and was a hot pink color, as i wanted. However, after just a few weeks, the band became discolored from minor everyday wear (i didn’t play any sports with it on). Once it gets dirty, you can’t clean it. Super sad that i can’t wear this pretty band anymore.

I love mixing and matching them. However, the white bands gets dirty really easily or if you mix it with another color, the color of that choice will rub against the white and mark it up.

For the price of one fitbit strap, you get a whole rainbow of colors. They fit perfectly (i had the large fitbit one) and i love all the different colors. My husband also has a fitbit so he uses them as well.

I purchased these bands as i wanted choices with my outfits. I have worn half of them and they all seem to wear the same except the white one. When i wore this one with my red and white dress, the color showed up on the white band and i can’t seem to get it off. I didn’t noticed the size when ordering the bands and they came in small, my wrist are size 7. The small bands fits with 2 hole left to the end and a large fits with 6 holes to the end. I wish they came in med, then it would not be too small nor too big, just right.

I really am pleased with these bands. They look just like the original charge 2 band that i have. Same print and material, just different colors. These are quality bands and worth the price. The brown isn’t a deep or dark as the pic but it’s still nice, and the black and navy blue are the same as depicted. Also, these arrived a day earlier than projected.

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They’re durable, strong and feel very well made. Usually, i’m wary of something i can get this inexpensively, but i am very happy. The only thing i wish is that i could choose the colors — i’d like to order more, but i don’t want to end up with the same colors i already have. Other than that, no complaints.

Pretty colors and softer material than the fitbit brand band. They are one size fits all and although i do not have a small wrist, i find them a bit too long. There’s a little loop to tuck the extra into, but i find it moves and leaves the excess flapping around. They do click into the tracker well, though, and it feels secure around my wrist.

These replacement bands are great. I would recommend them to anyone. They are easy to snap on and off, the quality of the band is very good and sturdy. Not as thick or hard as the original band but very sturdy. This is a very good product. I can change bands with most outfits(especially the brown and gray).

I have read others reviews and i have not experienced any problems as those previously stated. All of my bands work perfectly without any problems. The colors are true to the photo. I purchased all 10 colors and i am thoroughly happy i can change them daily to accessorize.

I purchased these bands for my fitbit charge 2. Consisting of seven bands of the following colors: black, white, grey, purple, teal, blue, and coffee. I’ve included the original black band i received with my fitbit in some of my photos for comparison/reference. : the quality of these bands are incredible. Just as sturdy as the original. Some other reviews claim that these bands are softer and more flexible than the original. I wouldn’t disagree, but the difference is pretty minimal. I do see three main differences though, which i’ve listed below:1. The original band is pre-curved to wrap around your wrist.

I bought the 10 band pack for my charge 2 because the price was so good considering what you pay for a single band that i figured it was worth having a few bands i probably wouldn’t wear much/ever. The colors are pretty spot-on to what’s shown online, maybe a shade lighter on a few. They go onto my charge 2 easily and have the double strap holders as shown which really makes it stay securely on your wrist. I found the sizing to be very similar to my fitbit band. The material is slightly different from the original band, but not noticeably so. Only negative is that they’re a little tougher to take off the charge 2 than the original band (or even other 3rd party bands i own) but they may get easier after some use. Overall, super happy with them and would highly recommend.

The band feels nice on the skin. It doesn’t aggravate the skin at skin. My one issue is that i can’t get the band to be comfortable on my arm. Like i can with the fitbit band. It seema like even when it is loose it holds too snug to the skin. I think the plastic is heavier. Just put on my futbit band and it feels so much lighter.

Lots of awesome colors however they get dirty fast. I wore the pale pink for a day and it’s all dirty and i can’t get it clean. I’m worried the same will happen to the other lighter colors.